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Threads of Love (Only Forever) by Swapnil Whig

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Rajveer was the only child of an ambitious couple. They gave him every tangible and expensive thing, but one intangible thing they couldn’t give was ‘TIME’. They didn’t have time to tend to him, so they appointed Savita as his nanny. Savita looked like a well-educated person, so why did she accept such an insignificant job? Savita was very proficient at her job and Rajveer took an instant liking to her. Savita was the world to Rajveer.

Shikha was a breathtaking girl, but she was very easy to win as well. She acted hard to be friends, but actually, she was very soft from inside. Her friends used to tell her she was like a coconut. Hard from the outside, but soft and spontaneous from the inside. When she met Rajveer, she liked his manners. His good look was an added advantage. He followed her; they interacted in eyes. But was Rajveer in for Shikha or was he playing with her?

This is the journey of Savita. Who was looking for the most precious thing in the entire world? This is a journey of Rajveer and his mistakes. Mistakes we all make and regret later, but should we stop by our past or challenge ourselves and become a stronger version of ourselves? This is a journey of Rajveer and Shikha, from friends to enemies. Will they overcome hurdles in their way of finding true love?

Let’s dive in and see all the stories and experience the journey of all these people. People who live among us. Let’s see the extraordinary stories of ordinary people.

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Romantic Drama

Pages: 84

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 49 INR/$4.99
  • Paperback (available on $9.00

My Rating: 3.4/5

Rajveer and Shikha meet at a college fest and instantly like each other. They become close and just when Shikha was expecting Rajveer to propose to her, he asks out her best friend, instead. What was his intention in doing so? Was he playing with her feelings?

What I liked about the book:

-> It felt like a complete Bollywood masala movie.
-> All the characters had a compelling personality backed by an interesting backstory.
-> The twists and turns kept the reading interesting.
-> As you read the last page, you get a satisfying feeling of ‘All’s well that ends well’.
-> Savita’s character is the most interesting, inspiring, and authentic one. As a reader, you feel empathy towards her for the struggles she faces in life.

What I did not like about the book:

-> The book needs thorough proofreading/editing.
-> The pronouns and verbs have been mixed up at many instances (‘he’ instead of ‘she’, ‘bought’ instead of ‘brought’, ‘signed’ instead of ‘signaled’, ‘can not’ instead of ‘cannot’, etc)
-> The timelines felt a bit mixed up.

Quotable quotes:

-> Our decisions play a very important role in what we achieve in life. If our wish is in the right direction, we will definitely get it.
-> In life, we all make mistakes. We have to pay a price, sometimes small and sometimes big, but in the end, we grow and learn from our mistakes. One needs to grow and learn from these events.
-> Family is everything in this world. No family is perfect. They come in all sizes and shapes, but they all have one thing in common: they hold on to each other in times of need and forgive each other for their mistakes.
-> It’s difficult to forgive someone who caused insufferable wounds. But to find peace, one needs to move on and forgive. If you want to end your pain, you need to forgive.
-> Regret is punishment itself.
-> We all make mistakes but it takes a lot of courage to admit those mistakes and furthermore try to correct them.
-> We all make mistakes, but how many of us accept them and try to mend our ways?
-> It’s very easy to fool someone, but being trustworthy is the hardest thing.
-> When you pray for someone else’s bad and abuse that person, they may suffer one day or not. But you are suffering right now. You are suffering from the fire of revenge. So if you don’t want to see yourself suffer, try to forgive and it will ease your own misery.
-> Only humans make mistakes and they can learn from their own mistakes.
-> We all make mistakes but realization is very important.
-> Married life is okay. It has its own obstacles. Initially, the road is bumpy but later on, it gets gentle. So dive in, it’s gonna be okay, sooner or later.
-> Sometimes you can just show the right path. It’s completely up to the traveler which way he chooses.
-> Life keeps throwing challenges at us, whether we are ready or not. We have to face our worst fears. But this gives us joy as well.
-> People will talk about your mistakes and misdeeds for some time, then they will find a new topic and move on.
-> Being zero is the best. It can turn One into ten and More the zero, the value is more. It’s your perspective of things. Being nobody is great. Nobody expects anything from you and you can be anybody.
-> If a girl dislikes you, it doesn’t make her a bad person.
-> Only a good person can see the good in another.
-> The company you keep matters because bad company will definitely land you in trouble.
-> Girls are not things that are targets. They are human beings.
-> God gives us what we need, not what we desire.

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