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On the Bright Side by Venuka Goyal

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Varun is a postdoctoral researcher in the USA and just wants to focus on work. The idea of getting married is scary for him. He hasn’t gotten along with half the housemates he has had in the last several years and he knows how annoying it is to live with someone you don’t get along with. He has absolutely refused to entertain any of the arranged marriage proposals that his parents have been trying to get him to look at.
What happens when Varun visits India to attend his cousin’s wedding? Will he be able to stand his ground? Or will he give in to his parents’ sneaky scheme?

Snehalata is a working professional in India. She is independent and settled in principle but her parents insist that she must get married before her father retires. She doesn’t want to cause her parents any grief but she simply hasn’t been able to say yes to any of the prospective grooms that have been paraded in front of her in the past couple of years.
What happens when Snehalata’s parents show her the photograph of a family friend’s son? Will she reject another prospective groom? Or will she give this one a chance?

Genre: Fiction/Short Story/Romantic Drama

Pages: 72

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 69 INR/$0.99
  • Paperback (available on $7.99

My Rating: 4.4/5

Varun is visiting India for his cousin’s wedding but little does he know his family has plans to get him wed too. He meets Snehlata and they luckily like each other enough to agree with the proposal. Life takes a 360-degree turn for them both, as Snehlata has to change base and Varun has to take care of expenses. Things are going smoothly when an unplanned pregnancy starts creating barriers between them. How does their relationship survive it all?

What I liked about the book:

-> It is a realistic story and many readers would find major parts of it relatable.
-> I loved the underlying message of the story which teaches us to look at the good side of all the things in life.
-> The book cover is apt and eye-catching and you will come to appreciate it more once you’ve read the story.
-> There are many twists and turns in between the novel. Because of this the story does not get the slightest bit boring or dragged.
-> Snehlata and Varun both have their flaws, which makes them authentic and lovable. They teach us that a relationship is never without its ups and downs and that together, any couple can sail through the tough times.

What I did not like about the book:

-> I wish there was more romance between the lead characters.
-> The post-delivery part where Varun and Snehlata are not talking to each other irked me a little as a reader. It made me feel like, ‘Why aren’t they communicating?”

Quotable quotes:

> People kept telling her how lucky she was and how happy she should be and she was getting tired of it. She was getting tired of people telling her how she was supposed to feel because she didn’t feel like that at all. And she was getting tired of people telling her how to handle things because they had no idea what her situation was like anyway.
-> The only way you can survive the messes in your life is by believing that even though things aren’t going exactly as planned, it would all work out in the end.
-> “How do you know that everything is going to be okay?”
“I don’t know. But we have to believe. We have to believe that it is going to be okay. And we just have to get through this phase. It’s just a phase in our lives. It’ll be okay.”

-> They always had each other. They didn’t always agree with each other about everything and fought with each other about every once in a while, but they had each other. They had each other to come back home to and make up with and cry with and laugh with.
-> “Time flies, doesn’t it?”
“Only when you’re lucky enough to be happy.”

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