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Orenda – flash fiction based in modern India by Shalaka Kulkarni 

Blurb (as on Amazon):

This is a gallery of local Indian markets, Gajras, and peppermints. It serves Metkut and adhesives on a dinner plate. There are earrings on soft boards and Marlboros on the college canteen floor. It has Ghungroos on a Christmas wreath and embroidery hoops stuck in rusty buses. It echoes the walls of a boho apartment and art classes in kaleidoscopic brothels.

This is a gallery of the supernatural, divine, extraordinary and inherent – the power within us and all living beings – of Delivery Executive Manju, Architect Gargi, Professor Miller, Vagabond Bilva, Security Guard Amar Chacha, and umpteen.

This is Orenda.

This is us.

Genre: Fiction/Short stories

Pages: 162

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 99 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 269 INR/$14.99

My rating: 3.7/5

A collection of fifty-two flash fiction stories, this book takes the reader through the journey of life. Each story makes us recall precious moments from our everyday routines, bringing on a smile or leading to a trail of thoughts that remain with us for a long time.

What I liked about the book:

-> The title of each story is quite intriguing. Most of them are a lesson in global vocabulary, teaching us terms we might not be familiar with.
-> The stories revolve around different topics, providing a variety in reading.
-> Most of the stories are relatable and have some wonderful life lessons as well.
-> The book sparks so many emotions – from nostalgia to deeply touching stories, from some light simple life experiences to thought-provoking takeaways.

What I did not like about the book:

-> The language is colloquial and sometimes the sentences start and end abruptly.
-> Though most stories are entertaining, they do lack depth.
-> Some stories were a little confusing to understand and get the context of.

Quotable quotes:

-> Don’t you think all stories are incomplete? I mean, people leave and people die. We are strangled by the baggage but we survive.
-> Writing a book is not the difficult part, publishing is.

-> Imperfection became the new definition of beautiful.
->Shades and words together make a deadly weapon.
-> My art is my thought. My thoughts are my art.
-> It’s the experiences that make us feel alive.
-> Music was his armor, his solution to everything.
-> Music builds originalities. Music transforms personalities.

-> It’s funny how we associate music with memories. How a certain song reminds us of the exact setup in front of our eyes.
-> If nature doesn’t discriminate, why the hell do we?

> Forever is an overused, abused word. We should not believe in it, just like promises. Instead of saying forever, we should say ’till my last breath’. Because we all have expiry dates, it’s just that we don’t know them yet.
-> Some things happen so involuntarily and seamlessly, that we don’t realize until we take a pause. We all lose touch, but it’s easier when we are young. It’s easier to mend things, bring back the emotion, and merry around in a second.
-> Finding a house is harder than finding a job.
-> One shouldn’t be scared of death but celebrate it instead.

> It’s strange that we try to escape from things. And then we miss them. Maybe it’s natural. Maybe it’s all about realizations.
-> Life is a journey, we are the drivers and hopes are our fuel.
-> In the end, it’s not about what it is, but how it makes you feel.
-> It’s amazing how we found joy in small things as kids. Happiness was driven by toy cars and revolved around colorful candies.
-> People are like multicolored threads on your life’s hoop. Your conversations with them, the designs. And then fate weaves it all for you, and interknit embroidery of all incomplete colorful stories.

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