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Love Banters by Nikhitha Srinivas

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Every married couple has different perspectives, misunderstandings, and banters. They must overcome many obstacles through trust, love, and respect.

In this story, Ashitha and Arun, a married couple, are experiencing marital problems. Will they reconcile and overcome their differences or will their egos win out?

We’ll take a look at the story.

Pages: 41

Format: Kindle eBook

Genre: Fiction/Romantic Drama

Price: 73 INR/$1.00

My Rating: 4/5

On their first wedding anniversary, Ashitha and Arun are planning to celebrate by spending some much-needed time together. However, Arun’s busy work schedule hampers these plans leading to complications in their relationship. Will their relationship survive these trying times?

What I liked about the book:

-> The couple’s togetherness and cute banters would be relatable for most couples, especially married people.
-> The readers get to understand the issues and the thought process of both the characters.
-> It is a sweet story that leaves the readers with a smile on their faces.
-> The side characters of Ashitha’s mother and Arun’s friend are well put in place reminding us that we must surround ourselves with those who look out for us.

What I did not like about the book:

-> The story would have better readability with a round or two of editing.

Quotable quotes:

-> Understand your shortcomings. Once you do your best to rectify the situation, you’ll succeed without fail.
-> If ego surfaces between our arguments, we would never be able to reconcile.
-> Getting into fights or giving silent treatment will not help the situation. If you take time to communicate peacefully, and you can identify where each of you is lacking, the solution to the problem will be apparent.
-> Every couple argues and banters at times, but they must be careful not to be swayed
by ego.
-> If you spend time with each other and express yourself clearly, everything will work out eventually.
-> We shouldn’t let our past affect our present.

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