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7 Bollywood Movies I can Rewatch N Number of Times

I have no shame in admitting that I’m a drama lover. In my life and in my movie choices, I love it all; right from over-the-top cheesy dialogues, to breaking into random song and dance. I lap it all up and use them for months and years on end in my routine life.

Being a movie buff, it’s hard not to have favorites. And in the process of watching so many movies, it’s even harder not to land upon some gems. For me, such gems are those I can fall back on repeatedly. These gems are those I go back to when I’m unable to find new content or when I happen to watch content that makes me question why I love cinema.

I’m gonna list 7 such movies here. These are movies I’ve rewatched so many times that I know them frame by frame and dialogue by dialogue. These are movies that I can watch over and over again, without getting bored. Here’s why:

1. Dil Chahta Hai

Why I love it:

  • Everyone in some way can relate to it. It’s amazing how every time I watch it, I still find ways to connect my life with the movie, irrespective of my age or the stage of life I’m in.
  •  The movie is filled with a lot of clever, funny lines and hilarious scenes. I mean, I’ve still not found replacements for Aaj Pooja Kal Koi Duja, Dosti Gehri hai ya phir ye photo 3D hai and so many more iconic dialogues.
  • For a movie that was released in 2001, when cinema was all about loud drama, this was like a breath of fresh air. For one, it realistically portrays the life of Indian upper-class youth. It manages to show the urban and modern India in the most precise way through the story of three close friends and their experiences. The characters are real and very easy to relate to, the dialogues are simple and genuine, the proceedings are dramatic yet realistic, and the film is extremely subtle, and yet interesting as well as entertaining. It is emotional too, but it never goes over-the-top.

2. Hera Pheri

Why I love it:

  • The jokes work well because they are about everyday issues and are cleverly written. And, the characters are relatable as ordinary people who are trying to meet their daily ends.
  • Until this movie came along, pitifully the Bollywood audience were confined in the name of comedy. Hera Pheri came by and changed all the rules, and all for the good, because Bollywood needed a comedy cleansing and the audience definitely needed better content.
  •  The film is so good it keeps your attention. So much so that even the melodramatic scenes are realistic and well formed, never making you cringe. It is one of the best Bollywood comedies with no silly comic scenes and actually funny elements which is why it works. In fact, the action sequences are hilarious too.

3. Jab We Met

Why I love it:

  • Although you know how the film will eventually end, it’s really not all that predictable on how it gets there. It holds your attention from almost start to end, leaving the viewer completely satisfied.
  • For most viewers, Geet is the real star of the movie and took much of the limelight. But, I’m an out and out Aditya Kashyap fan. Shahid Kapoor as Aditya is a true surprise. Mostly because before this I had only seen him in cheesy romcoms where he had the tendency to overact or copy SRK. But in Jab We Met he shows a different side wherein his acting is subtle, effective and mature.
  • The soundtrack obviates the need of a background score and contains some of the most memorable songs, that remain on my playlist till date.

4. Wake Up Sid

Why I love it:

  • It is a terrific film. A film, that leaves behind a great moral, that’s truly inspiring.
  • Wake Up Sid’ takes place in Bombay, my favorite place on this entire planet and I absolutely love how Ayan Mukherjee presents the city.  What I loved the most is that the scenes didn’t use typical visuals of Mumbai and focused on what mattered like the sea. The Marine Drive shots melt my heart and that last scene at Nariman Point is my absolute favorite movie climaxes of all times.
  • The story is easy to follow and the characters are easy to relate to. Yes, the story is about Sid’s coming of age but for me the hero is Aisha. Maybe she appealed to me more because the character is that of a writer, but Konkana does a splendid job anyway.

5. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

Why I love it:

  • The movie is packed with hilariously sharp one liner dialogues and quick-paced slap-stick which is smartly always rooted to the characters current situations. This helps the jokes to land well because the viewers never feel disconnected from the drama taking place.
  • It’s amazing to realize a comedy movie touches so many emotions and relations (parent-child, principal-student, friend, crush) and portrays all of them with such finesse.
  • All the characters, whether the lead or the side, and even the ones who were special or guest appearance, touched our hearts and left a lasting impact. Nobody can ever forget Mamu’s panic laughter, Circuit’s Tapori accent or Munna’s Jaadu ki Jhappi.
  • The best thing perhaps with this movie is you can start watching from any part and you’d still enjoy it all the same.

6. Sholay

Why I love it:

  • Though the movie takes its sweet time to pick up pace, it does so by allowing us to get to know its main characters. There’s just enough action, character drama, moodiness and atmosphere to make the film feel dynamic and always in motion. And yet there’s tranquility to it, underneath which lurks violence.
  • The movie is a classic for a reason. I won’t be wrong when I say that Sholay is one of Bollywood’s best execution of a predictable plot with a seasoning of comedy and emotion.
  • The film was ahead of its time in many ways. Firstly, the action was really good.  Secondly, the attention to detail, is first-rate. Set in a rural, remote region in southern India, the film is beautifully shot, and manages to capture the essence of the village and its people.  The realism with which some of the situations are portrayed is striking

7. Queen

Why I love it:

  • The movie encourages the spirit of Women in India and is a step forward in making women (especially Indian women) realize they are worthy of love. It narrates Rani’s journey with a sense of fun & freedom that involves heartbreak, friendship, comedy & above-all, self-assurance and self-discovery.
  •  This movie breaks all the set molds of a Hindi film as soon as the girl moves out to her foreign destination and you get to see her coming out of her closed, conservative shell like no other Hindi film has shown till date.
  • The way Rani transforms is fabulous. It takes us on an internal journey of the self as a viewer. The scenes in Paris and Amsterdam, the people she meets, how she learns to handle things, and the way things happen, is all very organic and all-consuming.
  • The other major winning perspective of QUEEN is that it is not a stereotype love story being told with a foreign angle. In fact it is not a love story at all and is more about the blessed journey of a depressed girl, who rediscovers a new self, after meeting another girl living her life at her own terms all alone, taking its full responsibility whatsoever.

Did you find any of your rewatched movies on the list? Tell me in the comments if I missed out on any good ones.


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