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Chahti hu Tumhe by Sundari Venkatraman 

Blurb (as on Amazon):

The gorgeous Jaanavi is the star of Bollywood and has been the reigning queen of the Hindi film industry since she began her acting career some years ago.
Tall, dark, and handsome Ritesh is a billionaire businessman who had spent most of his life abroad and has only recently moved to Mumbai.
It’s instant attraction when they set eyes on each other at the racecourse on Derby day.
Both of them work long hours and even during weekends. It is with great effort that the busy twosome builds a relationship…
…and then the villain strikes
*A shorter version of this story was published before in the anthology Matches Made in Heaven

Genre: Fiction/Romantic Short Story

Pages: 26

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 99 INR/$2.99

My rating: 3.8/5

Jaanavi is the star of Bollywood. Despite being a raging success in her professional life, she has not had much luck in her love life. Ritesh is a billionaire businessman who has spent most of his life abroad. When their paths cross at the racecourse on Derby day, the attraction is instant and mutual. Will it lead to something more for both of them?

What I liked about the book:

-> The growth of Jaanavi and Ritesh’s relationship was good despite the book’s short length.
-> It is a great read for people who love romantic stories with a little twist.
-> It breaks a lot of stereotypes about female actors through the positive portrayal of Jaanavi and her love life.
-> It gives a peek into the lives of page 3 celebs who are constantly scrutinized. It talks about toxic relationships that we assume so much about. It also talks about family support and how this plays an important role when a person breaks down. So, even if it’s a love story, you are in for some deep meaningful themes as well.

What I did not like about the book:

-> Jaanavi’s character gave an impression of being fragile.

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