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Under The Crescent Moon by Aditi Chandak

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Maera and Vikrant are close – really close – and everyone thinks it will only be a matter of time before they become ‘a couple’. but Vikrant has a past that haunts him and he won’t let go. He makes a decision that changes everything but the what-ifs still remain. They say the past is history but what if they’re repeating it? A tale of love, loss, and finding life, ‘under the Crescent moon’ is a story to move the soul and offer hope to the heavy-hearted. Fast-paced, set in today’s times, it brings together the everyday stumbles of relationships – heartbreaks, lost friendships, strained filial bonds, and death.

Genre: Fiction/Romantic Drama

Pages: 247

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 49 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: (available only on Amazon India): 199 INR

My Rating: 4.3/5

Maera and Vikrant are colleagues who get along really well. In a span of just two months, they’ve gotten really close and become the hot topic of the office grapevine. While trying to protect Maera’s reputation, Vikrant begins to pull away. A confused and hurt Maera finds solace in the form of Nikhil, someone she befriends while on a short vacation. Maera has affections for Vikrant as well as Nikhil, but whom does she consider just a friend, and whom does she see as her life partner?

What I liked about the book:

-> It has so many relatable characters and emotions of love-for family, for friends, for a life partner and most importantly, for yourself.
-> The maturity shown by each character is inspiring; be it Maera, Nikhil, or Vikrant. They’re poles apart, they have their own flaws but the way the author has shown their vulnerabilities and character growth, makes you fall for them.
-> The story carries this old-world charm that leaves you feeling fuzzy in the heart. On the other hand, the setting is so urban and modern times, with two metro cities and one small town, it almost feels like you are on a virtual ride with the characters.
-> The story traces the grey areas of love, friendships and relationships.
-> The family dynamic of all lead characters is completely different and yet it shows us how these dynamics help shape someone’s personality. I loved Maera’s Daadi’s character the most.
-> Vikrant’s healing process is dealt with very nicely.
-> The best part about the story is its message that two people of the opposite sex can have a comfortable non-sexual relationship.

What I did not like about the book:

-> The story maintains the same pace throughout the book and this gets a little boring sometimes.
-> Though it’s a romance book, there are very few romantic scenes in the book.

Quotable quotes:

-> That’s the problem with great writers: one day they have to stop. We mourn them and devour their stories all over again because we can’t bear to be parted from them. But writers feel a similar pain during their lives.
-> The test of a good story is this: when the tale ends, do I care what happens next to the characters?

-> There’s nothing worse than when a good writer puts down the pen.
-> She hadn’t realised how fast time had flown by while she was reading the book.
-> Don’t be so hard on yourself. You don’t have to blame yourself for everything. You couldn’t have averted what happened. Be sad, be scared, be sorry for the ones who lost a loved one, but don’t blame yourself in any way.
-> Death, one of the few truths of our life, is inevitable. It happens. You can’t avoid it, try as much as you might.

-> All good things come to an end.
-> To him, the moon was the epitome of beauty laced with simplicity. It reminded him of love, of the countless poets and marooned lovers who under its glow, as it shone on, inspired them to churn out the melancholy, the desire, the adoration into the vehemence of words. Who would have thought a white shape-changing orb against the blackness of the night sky could symbolize beauty?
-> Lust can also be at first sight, but love happens when you get to know that person, their habits, and their reactions, how they eat, what they laugh at. Love doesn’t happen at sight.
-> Some mysteries should remain so. The more you try to unravel them, there’s a greater fear of losing yourself.
-> You won’t get any answers if you don’t ask your questions aloud.
-> It requires courage to talk about your lowest moments, even if to only one person. Open up to people; take the risk of being vulnerable. It doesn’t help to build up walls around you. You start rotting inside the walls. You’re not letting the fresh air in. Let people see the beauty that is you.

-> When you’ve given so much of your energy to one person, regardless of whether they asked for it or not, it is so difficult to tear yourself apart. Your existence is meshed with theirs.
-> You need to remove your armour, accept your scars and not treat life like a battlefield.
-> We’re all different. You can’t really compare two people. We all have our stories, our fears, and our strengths. We’re not alike and that’s what makes us all special.
-> You don’t like your job, change it. You don’t like your city, go back home. You don’t like the food, cook something else.
-> You always have a choice, a choice which does not involve running away.
-> Is love so difficult or with the right person, is it that easy?
-> Reciprocation of love is the essence of most human relationships.
-> Just because something didn’t last forever doesn’t mean it wasn’t perfect.

> Every relationship demands work. And it demands constant work. Most relationships get complicated because one person is too tired to say what he feels exactly or some such reason and the other person misunderstands the silence. Even if it feels tiring, always put in an extra effort into your relationships. They are the real investments of your life. Invest your time into your relationships.
-> Let the people who matter know that they matter before it is too late to do anything.
-> She was in no mood to spend her time texting and calling people. She wanted some time alone, disconnected, where no one could reach her. Isn’t that what vacations were about in the first place?
-> The strongest relationships are built on being attracted first to a person’s personality, their vibes and then their body.
-> It’s easier for writers. They can keep writing to convey their thoughts but an artist only gets one canvas. So
being able to convey the meaning of your art requires clarity and simplicity on the part of the artist and an open mind on the part of the viewer.
-> Sometimes the art also ends up revealing so much about the artist, that the artist may not feel at ease putting it on show for the world to see.
-> Your art and you have sole rights over how to treat it. I am just saying don’t keep it to yourself because you’re afraid the world may not like it. When you put out your talent, you meet more people like yourself, you get to learn from them, teach others, be a part of another community.
-> You should not give up on your passions out of fear, even if it’s the fear of acceptance.
-> How can you unconditionally love someone even when you know there’s no way of getting even some of it back? Is this what people call true love? One that goes beyond the entrapments of life and death? Love where souls are able to find each other even across lives?

-> Loyalty and unrequited love have fallen to very low standards.
-> Relationships, if left unattended, can strain over time, often to the point of no return. And the silence becomes so deafening that even the best of words cannot break them.
-> That’s the advantage of memories. They’re altered easily, by you yourself, and you don’t even realise it most of the time.
-> Everyone deserves to be happy. Sometimes we forget what we can be happy about. We never stop to think if what we have makes us happy. We’re always wanting. And we think if we get this new want, we’ll be happy. But will we?
-> I like intense. It brings out the thinking side of us, our thoughts and ideas of people, world, life, death, the universe!
-> Unlike in films, people don’t end up together always. But that doesn’t mean their love has failed.
-> Sometimes you may miss out on someone who may be great for you, but you didn’t give the person a second thought because you had a checklist in hand! You were never looking beyond the set ideas you had come up with.

-> Rather than looking for what you want in a partner, look out for a habit or a thought you cannot stay with.
-> Most relationships fail because one loves too much and the other loves too many.
-> When you like someone or love them for that matter, make sure they know. Don’t drop hints or hope that they’ll understand. Just say it to them. And make sure they understand your feelings in the same light that you feel them. Feeling exposed to a loved one is much better than regretting not having said anything in the first place.
-> Being loved is a matter of chance, loving is a matter of choice.
-> Weeping for something she didn’t have and ignoring all that she did have made no sense at all! She had her family, her friends.
-> Yes, it was heart-breaking to lose a friend. But was it right to mope over it and ignore those who matter?
-> Some questions were best answered face to face.
-> Honest and loyal people are hard to come by these days. Such friends come few and far between, especially ones you’re so close to. Don’t give up without trying one last time. You would always know you did what you were supposed to do.
-> “One thing I’ve learnt in my years here among people, and I want you to learn too, is never let go of the ones you love and who love you. Until the tide is strong enough to take you both down, keep them afloat. And if you’re going down too, move on knowing that you did your best. You need to love yourself enough but not end up hurting someone else. It’s all about the balance.
-> You have to be patient and you have to understand that not everything is about you.
-> You made mistakes like everyone else. But you need to forgive yourself and move on with your life.
-> Yes, you’re broken. You’re scarred too. You’re not perfect. No one is. You’re not meant to be perfect. But your scars? They add to your imperfection. Embrace them.
-> “We all face losses but that does not mean we stop living out of fear of losing more. What’s to happen will happen, whether you like it or not. The good, the bad, the happiness, the sadness, the emptiness – it’s all inevitable, delay it maybe but inevitable.
-> Learn to let go. You can have an amazing life. If only you’d allow yourself to live it.
-> Silence says more in some moments than words ever can.
-> The sun sets to rise again. Death gives way to life again.

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