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My Quirky DIY Décor That Fetched Me a Global Feature

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love,” – Nate Berkus.

I have a thing for quirky home decor. If there’s something that I feel can add an aesthetic appeal to my house, I’ll use it anyhow. It doesn’t matter to me what material it is or where it came from. I’m a self-taught DIY enthusiast who will go to any lengths to make the best out of everything; even if it might be ‘waste’ for most people.

Home decor is my stress buster as well. So it’s hardly any surprise that every nook and corner in my house says something about my personality.

There’s one such DIY decor project I’m particularly proud of. More so now than ever, because this particular piece recently helped me get featured on Redfin

Screenshot from Redfin

Want to know what it is? Voila! Meet Jumbo, whose advice on chocolates is my motivation to not feel guilty about my cocoa love. Jumbo stands proudly on my refrigerator door, making me smile whenever I grab a chocolate from the confines of my fridge.

Quirky DIY sticker on my refrigerator door

But how did Jumbo turn out to be a quirky sticker on my fridge? That’s where my DIY expertise (ahem!) kicked in. You see the quote that Jumbo is wisely blurting out here is not his own. Though I’ve cleverly made it out to be so, that quote has been stuck to Jumbo’s head in the form of a dialogue box.

I made a collage/sticker of sorts from the photos that come with some of the photo frames I recently purchased. One of them was a quote saying, ‘Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions. Chocolate understands’. And, one of the other posters had a grey and pink printed elephant. My creative side kicked in when I saw both these posters in my hand while I was about to dump them. It felt like a waste to the attractiveness and clever use of words that these two lent. So, I created a dialogue box-shaped cutout from the quote, and then I made a cutout of the elephant and glued it together with the dialogue box-shaped cutout. So, now it looks like the elephant (whom I baptized as Jumbo) is saying the quote, making it look like one big quirky sticker.

Of course Jumbo had to have the perfect spot in the house where his words of wisdom would not go waster. Hence, this entire DIY sticker now adorns the door of my refrigerator, which is generally stocked with chocolates. So every time I open the refrigerator, Jumbo gently reminds me of not feeling guilty about my chocolate indulgence.

Redfin featured this idea of mine under ‘Create a DIY picture Wall’ in their 19 DIY Home Décor Projects for Under $50 blog post.

Screenshot from Redfin

Here’s a closer look at Jumbo and how he adorns my refrigerator.

It goes without saying that I’m a super proud mama of this DIY project now!

Quirky DIY sticker on my refrigerator door

Do check out the original blog post of Redfin for some great DIY ideas. They’re worth stealing with the festive season right around the corner now.


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