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Unguilty Chocolate Indulgence by BeeTee’s Melt

Everywhere in the world there are tensions – economic, political, religious. So we need chocolate.
Alain Ducasse

BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates

Anyone who knows me knows my weakness for chocolates. Whenever I’m feeling any emotion at an extreme, be it happiness, sadness, anger, or anxiety, a piece (and sometimes an entire bar) of chocolate is always my go-to. In fact, this is the only edible item that has inspired me to write a poem around it.

A poem from A Rustic Mind

The only thing that stops me from regular chocolate indulgence is the sugar content in them and how it would affect my health and fitness. Over the past couple of years, I have made a conscious effort to opt for chocolates with a cocoa content of over 45%. This way my sugar intake is kept in check while my chocolate temptation is satisfied.

After moving to the Netherlands, one of the things I miss the most in the chocolates here is their Indianess (It’s not a word, but I know you get it). Though the chocolates out here are ample in variety, in terms of flavour as well as brand variants, they somehow never satiate my craving for proper chocolate. Many times I find myself wishing I could ask my folks to send forth a bag of Indian chocolates. But of course, that is logistically unfeasible. Not only would it be overtly costly but there’s a very high chance of the chocolates melting in transit.

All of these problems found a solution in the form of BEETEE’S MELT. How? Well, the first point where I was sold, at least where their chocolates were concerned, was the fact that they are completely Refined sugar-free and Soy free. So my sugar intake was taken care of.

That’s not the only USP that had me clicking on their order button right away though. Here are some things that made me wonder why I wasn’t aware of this amazing chocolate brand till now:

  • All the BeeTee’s Melt chocolates are completely handcrafted
  • Their products are gluten-free
  • All chocolates are 100% free of any preservatives

Too good to be true, right? I too had to pinch myself to ensure I wasn’t imagining these unbelievable facts.

Another aspect that really impressed me was their manufacturing process. Their chocolates are made from single-origin beans collected from the finest farms and they use coconut milk instead of regular milk meaning their chocolates are vegan ( PAY ATTENTION VEGANS who are reading this)

But the next problem was, how do I get my hands on these chocolates from India? I could have someone get them here, that wasn’t the issue. My only stress was that the chocolates would melt and lose their charm amidst all the here and there.

Though their logistics team advised me on how to store and pack the chocolates and repeatedly assured me that no harm would come to my precious chocolates, I still fret over their condition until the moment they were in my refrigerator, safe and sound under my watch.

I need not have worried though, because their packaging is top class and comes along with a small ice pack. This ensured that the chocolates did not melt at all while crossing miles, exchanging many hands, and finally landing into my lap, all the way from India to the Netherlands.

Within just a week of placing my order, lo and behold, I have my perfect Diwali treats!

BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates

I’m not a fan of dark chocolates so I ordered two coconut milk chocolates and one milk chocolate. However, I’m told that their dark chocolate is the most popular variant. BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates manufactures and offers 3 varieties of chocolates:

1. 72% Dark Chocolate

2. 54% Coconutmilk Chocolate

3. 48% Milk Chocolate

BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates

Before I move on to the actual review of the product and how it tasted, I want to take a moment here to appreciate another important aspect of online shopping. Whenever we use any eCommerce platform, our main concern is the functionality and how user-friendly/prompt their before and after order services are. I am compelled to admire that despite being a fairly new player, the online platform of BeeTee’s Melt is completely hassle-free. Right from the products and information page, to the time when we place the order and make the payment, there was never even one hitch I faced (which cannot be said about most eCommerce platforms, even the most popular ones). In fact, I was able to easily track my order in real-time once I placed the order too. Many eCommerce websites have given me trouble with their payment gateways and even their after-order services. But with BeeTee’s Melt, nothing of the sort happened. In fact, their logistics team went above and beyond my expectations, when I received a mail from them asking whether I had received my order from India to the Netherlands (something that was not their responsibility)

The first one I tried was the coconut milk chocolate, and I absolutely fell in love with the way it melted in my mouth, almost right away. My parents aren’t fans of any kind of chocolate, but it was surprising that even they asked for a second piece after trying it once. This only goes to show that the taste and feel of these chocolates are likely to satiate the taste buds of all age groups.

The milk chocolate turned out to be even yummier. I especially liked how the taste of milk wasn’t very evident. This is a problem I have with most milk chocolates but I was so glad BeeTee’s Melt did not end up disappointing me in this area as well. But I guess this is because of the fact that they use coconut milk.

Whatever the case, I loved how both my ordered chocolates satiated my chocolate temptation, to the maximum.

What I loved about BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates and their platform:

  • Completely Refined sugar-free and Soy free chocolates
  • Hassle free order placement on the website
  • Great packaging
  • Friendly and prompt customer care/logistics team
  • Timely delivery

For the chocolate lovers reading this, I highly recommend trying out these handmade bean-to-bar chocolates; especially the vegans and health-conscious cocoa lovers.

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