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Strangers Crossing Paths by Shruti D’Rose

Blurb (as on Amazon):

We think that we control our destiny. Yet, a stranger crossing our path can alter the events of our lives. Strangers Crossing Paths is a collection of sixteen short stories that will evoke mixed emotions. A lawyer, a writer, a serial killer, a priest, a dying young girl, an innocent boy, a drug lord…. Join the characters as they discover how their lives don’t go as planned with unexpected twists and turns. Add this page-turner to your reading list!

Genre: Fiction/Short Stories/Thriller

Pages: 163

Format: Kindle eBook

My Rating: 4.5/5

A collection of 16 short stories, where the characters’ stories are interwoven in a way that brings in a range of emotions right from sorrow to happiness, to love and hatred.

What I liked about the book:

-> How the stories are standalone yet interconnected. Kudos to the author for managing to connect them all. It’s commendable because the connectivity never felt forced and was very natural.
-> The book is sometimes fast paced and sometimes slow but never lets you get bored as your level of curiosity is always maintained.
-> The book does not try to paint an unrealistic image of the human condition as all the characters are flawed.
-> All the characters go through one or the other form of suffering. Their transition of growing and changing in the face of these sufferings is quite moving. We can see their character development and it compels us to rethink our own actions and choices.

What I did not like about the book:

-> Instead of being able to enjoy the stories, the reader, at quite a few points, feels stressed and confused about recalling where and when they came across the character’s name before in the book.
-> One can almost predict the character’s actions, especially when they read about them in their second or later appearances in the book.

Quotable quotes:

-> A writer’s work is nothing without a reader.
-> It could be blamed on the generation of today that the preferences have changed. Our mothers used to rea
d Mills and Boons when they were young. We don’t. We do not necessarily dislike them but the way we see love, romance and even the world is different. Our perceptions, as well as expectations, have evolved. But again, each one has a peculiar taste in reading.
-> Revenge is a stronger emotion than fear when you have nothing to lose and a score to settle.
> Gossip made for great stories at rich people’s parties.
-> In some way, opening up to others, even a stranger, makes your burden lighter.
-> You can make peace with yourself only if you let go.
-> The onus of holding grudges only further invites resentment, unhappiness and loss of peace in your life.
-> Hatred festers in your mind and you begin to act like savages, harbouring evil thoughts and unfortunately execute them as well.
-> Peace can be attained only by letting go.

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