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In Conversation with Venuka Goyal

“A husband and wife may disagree on many things but they must absolutely agree on this: to never, ever give up.” – Unknown

Relationships and marriages are defined differently by each individual. What works for one couple, might not necessarily work for somebody else. One particular subject matter that has been constantly under the radar, especially in India, is about love marriage vs arranged marriage. Many people are of the belief that arranged marriages are not as successful because they’re enforced on the couples. I recently read a romance story based on an arranged marriage setup. The book Why Not? tells the story of one such couple.

Read my detailed review of Why Not?

After reading the book, I connected with the author Venuka Goyal. She gracefully agreed to be a part of the #AuthorCollaborative. She read my book Love (Try) Angle.

Read Venuka’s detailed review of Love (Try) Angle

Today, Venuka and I had an hour-long session, where we discussed our books, our writing processes, and our mutual love of reading (especially the Harry Potter)

IG Handle: @arusticmind_

I wanted to understand how Venuka makes the transition from long-form to short-form fiction, so my questions circled mostly around that.

Find out Venuka’s answers here

Venuka wanted to understand how sustainable book writing and publishing are, so her questions to me were around that topic.

Find out my answers here

After the long-form questions, we did a fun rapid-fire round where we discovered our mutual love for reading, movies, and a lot more.

Find out Venuka’s answers here
Find out my answers here

Neither of us realized when almost an hour went by. You can have a look/see at the full session in the video below:

Author Collaborative with Venuka Goyal

Books discussed in the session:

Thank you for reading.

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