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The Rise of The Seven

Blurb (as on Amazon):

The only Irony was that the right ones were never heard and the wrong ones never realized that people heard them
~ The Stalker

Imagine receiving a letter that invites you to meet and join the league of a notorious serial killer of your time, running loose around you.

What happens when Seven innocents, ones with the purest hearts are asked to join the league of a man who had embraced all seven sins a human could commit?

Witness the formation of one of the most infamous leagues that brought an entire country on its knees. You thought you knew who he was, but every story had different sides that were never spoken of.

Genre: Fiction/Thriller

Pages: 75

Format: Kindle eBook

My Rating: 4.2/5

The Stalker is a serial killer with a mission. He aims to start a league of his own called The Monopolists’ that represent the opposite virtues of the seven deadly sins. How does he go about finding the people for this league? That’s what this book is all about.

What I liked about the book:

> The story is told from the PoV of The Stalker (who is already a popular character from the sequel of this book The Case of Known Unknown) and helps to understand him better.
-> We get to know just enough about The Stalker’s backstory, building up curiosity for both existing and upcoming books in the series.
-> You can’t help but admire as well as fear The Stalker.
-> There are other characters besides The Stalker who seem equally intriguing and keep the reader’s interest up.

What I did not like about the book:

-> The book lacks the gripping factor of its predecessor.
-> For all its thrill and suspense, I wish the book had more violence to justify the personality, motivations, and plans of The Stalker.

Quotable quotes:

-> Readers are the reason every writer pens down their thoughts, hoping to be read and heard.
-> Experience always matters.
-> Humans are the dumbest creatures when exposed to fear.
-> The person who wields even one of the seven sins will always value and kneel to its opposite virtue.
-> Why does every single action need logic?
-> We live in an age where everyone claims to be cold, wise, and intelligent, but the truth is we still walk through the same old shades of life and repeat the same mistakes again and again.
-> The world only knows and believes in what we want them to believe.

-> Time, money, emotions, even the person reading this – everything is human’s creation. It makes one wonder why our species praise and worship the Gods when we are the creators of everything?
-> The word Pure is always associated with love. Love has and will always be the vaguest term, a myth for those who could never receive it and complicated for those who achieved it.
-> A man always has a weakness he cannot overcome.
-> Irrespective of the circumstances, past, upbringing, and idealogy, there are those who resort to sins when faced with a dilemma; there are very few who don’t give in. The former have numbers and keep coming together, but the latter has nowhere to go, except pray to the Gods for righteousness.
-> They say it’s the silent ones you need to watch out for; they talk less, and hence their words impact you profoundly, for those words carry the truth.
-> Words aren’t enough; they require action.

-> Fear is a beautiful feeling, especially when you know how to take advantage of it.
-> Don’t let looks fool you; watch out for what’s beyond that.
-> Names don’t matter. They are decided before we come of age; they can be replaced and whatever is replaceable does not deserve even a percentage of your significance.
-> Fame and power change people over time.
->Atonement comes before dreams.

-> The only irony was that the right ones were never heard, and the wrong ones never realized that people heard them.
-> Things out of our reach were bound to catch our curiosity, but the closer we went, the more we realized that they were meant to stay far.

-> A perfect human would never feel any emotion.
->Every answer to humankind’s question was written in books.
-> Was silence meant to be peace? Or was it a delusion meant for the birth of chaos?
-> Once you have a practice, your subconscious and your body movements know what you want them to do.
-> No, time doesn’t stop for any of us; such a phenomenon never happened in reality; it’s just a phrase that humans use to convince themselves that the said moment is special or unreal.
->Fear makes you waver and not question.
-> This world is beautiful only if humans didn’t exist or someone controlled everything. Someone perfect, but to be perfect, but to be perfect, you had to be sly enough to fool the gods and sufficiently ambitious to convince the devil.

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