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3 Things I Do on My Day Off From Work

Workdays can be exhausting, physically and mentally. That’s why we look forward to days when we don’t need to worry about meeting deadlines and meeting expectations. The biggest advantage of being self-employed is that I can take a day off right in the middle of the week or on any day that I just feel the need to de-stress.

Here are the top 3 things I do on such days (sometimes on workdays too if the time permits)

1.Read outdoors

I read every day. But on days when I’m off work, I grab a book or my Kindle and go to one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood (below a tree, on a bench in the park, etc) or hunt for a new spot, and sit there for an hour or two, just reading my current read. The change in scenery, just for reading too, works wonders for my peace of mind.

2. Phone call/chat conversation with friends and family who I’ve not spoken to in a while

Meeting up or going out with friends and family has become limited due to the pandemic. But the lack of physical meetings is compensated through the internet and virtual world. This helps me de-stress on a completely different level because it feels so good to listen and to be listened to, especially when it’s not work-related.

3. Cleaning, resetting, or refurbishing the house

I’m no Monica Geller, but I do like a clean space. More than clean, I like my space to be aesthetically pleasing. So I’m constantly adding or changing stuff in and around my home. Both cleaning and décor are my second best stress-busters, after reading of course.

What are the things that you do on your day off?


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