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23 Letters of Love: A Poetry Book by Suchita Agarwal

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Love: this four-letter word
Holds power in its grasp
that can move mountains, raise floods
Inspire you to greatness
Drive you to madness
What does this four-letter word mean to me?

Exploring the facets of love…one poem at a time.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Pages: 54

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$2.99

My rating: 4.7/5

Love is a feeling, an emotion, that means something different to every individual. In fact, the definition changes for each person with every experience and during each stage of their lives. This essence of love and the variety of understanding it lends to us humans has been captured wonderfully in this book.

What I liked about the book:

-> From teenage crush to growing old together, love in all age groups has been poetically and beautifully so defined and depicted in the book.
-> Some titles are so heartfelt and sweet that they make you recall your own beloved and even wish for the kind of love they (the poems) describe.
-> It’s not just the love between lovers, the poetry in here touches upon love between friends and family as well.
-> Some of my favorite titles include Once the dust settles, The inner circle, How much do I love thee and Somebody that I used to know (a recommended read just for these titles in the book)

Quotable quotes:

-> You give me strength – but why must I rely on yours?
You are magic – but why must I need yours?
Why must love make me weak
-> A friend, a lover
The enemy, the teacher
Between your pages
I have found so many versions of myself
That I forget where you end
And where I begin.

-> We were 18 then,
So our dreams were tinged with unreality
Unbroken by adulthood
Unrestrained by truth
Doused in optimism
-> Even in the bleakest of times
There was one thing that stayed
Stubbornly alive
It was that hope which carried us forward
-> I think leaving now
Would serve little purpose
But staying…at least there’s comfort
That you know who I am.

> This is who we are: you a ship at sea
Going on adventures

Me the lighthouse
Guiding you back to safe harbours
-> How much do I love thee?
Maybe the stars in the sky
That love the night so
And shine just for you and me

Can tell you.
-> I have learnt to be happy

Without you and with just me
And it angers you that I am enough.
-> I do not pity you
Nor do I ask for pity
For we were in this together. I do thank you though
Because you introduced me

To Strength and Resolve.
-> Choice…do not pity my choices
Because at last they are mine alone
Made to appease me, and no other.

> I make my choices
I live my consequences and life
And I keep moving forward.

-> I was cautious
I was already in this too much
And I didn’t want to jump
Before I knew I could swim.
-> Un-trapping myself was easier
Than trapping had been
I r
eleased myself
Fearful of what I’d find inside.
The door sighed open with relief
Curious to explore what lay outside.

-> Love is not to be trapped, my sweet
It’s purpose is to roam free
Over and under you
Let it engulf you in its arms
And remind you of what it means to love.
-> Happiness and sadness
Are but the sides of a coin

Love given, love taken,
Love unrequited but the forms it takes
The key, my sweet, is to let it happen
And go with the ebb and flow.
-> I realized that day
The beauty of what
You had taught me
Simply because I had the
courage to ask
And you had the compassion
To give.
-> You who could show me colour

Even in the darkest storms
Had closed your eyes
To protect the colour.
-> Don’t you see my love
Shutting down doesn’t make
Memories brighter
But dims them over time?

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