Source: The Tribune

A peaceful protest,
In the pursuit of freedom.
Gathered in thousands
Unprepared and unaware,
Of repercussions, nescient

Troops surround with arms
Exits blocked, now no way out.
A bloodbath began,
Unannounced, the bullets fired
Orders by Dyer and O’Dwyer,

All were a target
Children, women, elderly
As no one was spared
A message to be sent out
Never question or protest

Screams reverberate
The souls seek answers, to date
The walls tell a tale,
Of pain, questions unanswered
To what end was this action?

Waiting for decades
A young lad burned in vengeance
Killing the culprit
After years of pursuing
A revolutionary


I got inspired to write this poem after watching the movie Sardar Udham on Amazon Prime Video. The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre is a dark day in Indian history and in its freedom struggle. Do watch this movie to understand what happened on 13th April 1919, to have its effects felt even today, over a century later.

The movie is yet another cinematic marvel from director Shoojit Sircar and is actor Vicky Kaushal’s finest performance to date. The supporting cast, especially Amol Parashar (who essays the role of Bhagat Singh) and Banita Sandhu, have done a splendid job as well.

Thank you for reading.

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