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Love to Hurt You by Rahul Saini

Blurb (as on Amazon):

She likes to hurt. He likes to kill.

They say everyone wants love and happiness, but what if that is not true?

‘Everyone is entitled to one true love in life. My true love is money and fame.’ Garun

‘We had made a promise. You said we would be together forever.

And you left me alone here.’ Maya

‘She sees pain, she sees fear, she sees his greedy urge to get out of her grip and run away. She smiles.’ Sasha

Decadent, dark and gripping, Love to Hurt You is bestselling author Rahul Saini’s most surprising novel yet.

Genre: Fiction/Dark romance

Pages: 220

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 52.50 INR/ $6.00
  • Paperback: 130 INR/$21.00

My Rating: 4.5/5

Maya is grieving the loss of her beloved while battling depression. Garun is a sadistic spoilt brat who believes befriending Maya will benefit his goal of becoming rich and famous. Sasha is a powerful woman who derives pleasure by torturing men. How do the paths of these distinct people cross? And what will their actions lead to?

What I liked about the book:

-> I find it difficult to put this book in a particular category as it touches upon so many genres, right from romance to thriller. From start to end, it keeps you on your toes and leaves you gobsmacked after the last page.
-> The characters are so authentic that they all make you feel something different. I absolutely loved the way characters are written. We hate Garun right away and this feeling only grows with each page. There’s something amazing about books and stories that have characters that you can hate with a passion. And that’s what Garun does to you. But then there’s also Maya, for whom we feel extremely sorry and at times you want to shake some sense into her as well. As for Sasha, well, she’s magnanimous, to say the least. You feel sorry for her but she also manages to scare you. You are inspired by her, but also kind of don’t want to end up like her.
-> The book deals with mental illness quite boldly. All the three characters have shades of darkness and are mentally unhinged, dealing and coping with it in a way that leaves us terrified.
-> The sadistic pleasures of Garun and Sasha are narrated in a brutally raw manner. Some of the scenes, especially the one where Garun kills off a pigeon, leave you sick to the core ( I ended up puking while reading it, so you’ve been warned of the explicit nature of the content in this book)

What I did not like about the book:

-> The actions and darkness are shown without consequence, which might end up encouraging readers of an impressionable age.
-> The ending was a little confusing.

Quotable quotes:

-> We never understand the value of anything until we are deprived of it. We humans are foolish like that, aren’t we? It’s almost evil, some would say, from the viewpoint of the things we are insensitive to.
-> They say death is nothing but a barrier that is to be crossed by the soul from one life to another.
-> My memory will have a lot to say – a long, sad tale. Maybe that is how I will live even after I die. Maybe that’s how all dead people live on. Maybe people never really die. Everyone is immortal.
-> Everyone is entitled to one true love in life.
-> Just a little friendly advice – nothing is as bad for which one should give up one’s life.
-> Why do parents devote their whole life to their children? Why do they stop living for themselves the minute their child is born? Why do they love them so much?
-> The void that a loved one leaves can never be filled. It stays forever like an aching gap in your heart, killing a part of you each time that void comes to life with the memory of the departed.
-> We live in a shitty society where no one would take us seriously if we don’t have a few degrees to throw in their faces.
-> You have a very long life ahead of you, proof of which is that you are still alive.
-> It’s always better to talk to strangers. Generally they don’t judge you the way people who know you do.
-> People marry to spend their life with a companion who is their strength, support and reason to live. They marry to fill their life with love.
-> Men and women marry for different reasons.
-> Happiness is momentary but sadness lasts forever. The effect of something that has made you happy never lasts as long as that of something that made you sad, something that has wrecked your heart and killed a part of you.
-> Everything in this world has a definite life. Things come and go and none of us can hold on to anything forever.
-> What is life? What is its meaning? What does not have a purpose can never exist. What is our purpose? How significant are we? What should matter to us? Nothing is important or of any significance. But at the same time everything is. We ourselves and the people around us are so small, so insignificant that in the wide cosmos we don’t matter at all. But another truth is
that we and all the people around us make all the difference for us. Are we, humans, capable of accepting and living by the truths of existentialism?
-> All fiction is sucked out of reality. No such thing as pure fiction exists in this world.
-> Every wound heals with time. It may leave some scars but the pain eventually goes away.

-> Sometimes happy memories stab us more painfully than sad ones.
-> They say love is all there is in this huge, wide world. Love is what helps you pass through heaven’s door. Love is what can melt the hardest stones, it is what brings many to the right path.
-> You have to stop living in the past. You must know that time gone by will never come back. The memories only make you sad.
-> You should not hope for a better tomorrow. It’s the way of a lazy dreamer who does nothing but hope. Learn to live in the moment. Enjoy the present. Only that can make you happy.
-> Our existence is held in boundaries and those boundaries are our bodies.
-> We all cry alone, we all have those private moments when we hide ourselves in the bathroom and weep our hearts out making sure that we don’t make a sound – making sure no one gets to know. But when we cry in front of someone, it’s almost like a plea for help, a desperate, frantic call.
-> The connections of objects with humans, with civilizations, are very trivial. The earth is way older than human existence.
-> After all, art comes from nature.

-> If you do something to earn money, you earn only money and nothing else. You never really achieve anything or any growth in your skill and art.
> It is true that good art comes from misery. Out of a shattered, broken heart.
-> We live in a world where our own shadows that follow us are always darker and bigger than us. Our past haunts us in ways that we don’t even understand at times.
-> A broken heart sings the sweetest songs.
-> The perception of the emotion of love changes with age. Ask yourself “what is love” after every ten years and your answer will be different each time.
-> Not everyone is going to like you, no matter how nice, how good you are. And not everyone is going to hate you, no matter how bad, how evil you are.
-> It’s true that no one loves you for who you really are as a whole. People only love you because they want a part of you, the part they find pleasing. It upsets them if they see the part of you that they don’t like, they don’t approve of. They only want that reflection of their own thoughts because they want to satisfy their own self, and this self-gratification they call love. They want you around only because they want you to love them and care for them. It’s all imbalanced. No one ever loves you the way they say they do.

> You can’t really teach anything to anyone. People learn things on their own.
-> It’s not the scars that trouble you in life. It’s how you treat your scars that determines how they affect your life.
-> It’s always your dreams and your realities that play the duet of your life.
-> It’s only the rich and powerful who shape all art and culture. The art of any age is only meant to serve the likes and demands of the rich ruling class. If it wasn’t for them, there would have never been any art in this world. History is testimony to that, whether it’s the classic art of the Greeks and the Romans, or the sophisticated Renaissance music and paintings in Europe. It’s only the rich who need and can appreciate art. The poor are too busy earning bread for their hungry, grumbling stomachs. They never give a shit about art. They only feed on food, and if anything at all, they feed on love.
-> They say love always brings you to the right path.
-> There are a lot of books being written and so many of them go unnoticed, unacknowledged. And so many of them are better, greater than the ones that get noticed.
-> Once a writer always a writer. And writing is addictive. It is the best kind of drug. It gives you the kind of high that no other drug can.
-> The human mind works very simply. The better ones among us want to help those who are weak, who are in despair, distress, who are in pain. We feel a strong affection for them, a boundless adoration for them, we love them more.
-> You can’t make things happen, especially those that are not meant to.
-> Art is something that this world can never have enough of. Art makes us feel, art makes us see things we can never otherwise see, it gives us eyes, it makes us sensitive to things we have been insensitive to.

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