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Easy Chair the rest of Age by Nishtha Shrivastava

Blurb (as on Amazon):

“Do you live in present and forget all that was there in your past? Or do you drag your past in your present? Both will end up to a scary situation if a balance is not made well between the two. Shreya and Dev, a young couple will tell you what their life was full of. A Navy officer’s struggle on being on sailings and managing his love life and an old grandfather’s silent lifestyle that was the best companion to Shreya for long. Their story will touch our existence, make us think hard on our living and even hit us hard to hear the end. The intoxicating delusion of young age, its fire, its ambition can distract even the simplest of girls from a small town, who are brought up with family values and principles as their core like it happened for Shreya. Even the strongest officer like Mr. Sahai can feel helpless when he sees his life falling apart and loved ones getting detached from their roots. The battle between love and peace is not verified by achieving the end goal of togetherness but can also be lived by gracefully handling the pain and uncertainties of separation when life doesn’t go as per your plan, as it happened with Dev. The end cannot assure you to have the life of dreams in a lavish house, with your love along your side but a few wrong steps and the guilt of your mistakes can bring about loneliness and there memories left to please you for the rest of age. This is the story of guilt, remorse, ignorance, love, friendship, promises, ambition, passion and reliving. This is the story of Dev- Shreya and the Sahai’s.”

Genre: Fiction/Family Drama

Pages: 193

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 49 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 213 INR/$4.62

My Rating: 3.6/5

Shreya lives with her grandfather in Mumbai. Her life revolves around her job, taking care of her grandfather, and staying in touch with her beloved, Dev, who is a navy officer. She hardly interacts with her family and despite their repeated attempts to convince her, doesn’t visit them, even on her grandmother’s death anniversary. Did something happen for Shreya to behave in this cold-shouldered manner with her family?

What I liked about the book:

-> It is a genuine and honest effort to remind us that in the hustle and bustle of our life we should not forget our family and the people who taught us to face the realities of life. It is indeed a ‘wake up’ call for the present generation to not forget the pillars of their family and life whom we generally take for granted.
-> Shreya and Dev’s relationship is one for the #couplegoals for sure. The way they care about each other, how Dev prioritizes Shreya’s needs above anything else, how he accepts her despite knowing her flaws and tries his best to help her become better; all of it is really sweet and lends depth to the complete story.
-> I really liked the fact that there was no romantic angle between Shreya and Sachin. It felt nice to have a simple friendship and not complicate it just for the sake of making the story seem complete.
-> The story touches our existence. It shows us how we need to have a balance between work life and love/family life.
-> The twist, in the end, was certainly unexpected and an emotional one. It makes the reader go through a gamut of emotions from shock, to regret to pity, and even empathy.

What I did not like about the book:

-> The mixup between the pronouns (he/she)
-> A round or two of editing would have made the story more compelling and easy to read.

Quotable quotes:

-> A better tomorrow, a better future and a progressive forthcoming is what conquers our minds constantly.
-> In the digital era, relationships can at least have their closeness through the virtual world over video calls and phones for intimacy.
-> Looking in the each other’s eyes has always been the best remedy for couples.
-> She always had the habit for waiting a while after goodbyes, she secretly wished for people to come back which never actually happened but she still loved her fantasy of it happening.
-> Age changes a person tremendously and adversely.
-> Life doesn‟t happen as per our plan.
-> The more you try being rigid, the more life compels you to be flexible.
-> Mumbai has the tendency of washing off all the pain and heartbreaks with its ability to embark hope through freshness in the air.
-> Time can never come back, things gone at once are gone forever but we can always ensure to make the present beautiful.
-> The present has to be meaningful to shape up our future.

-> A few things in life cannot be left for the future. We should not wait for those right times but rather live in the moment. Right time is when we decide it to be.
-> Happy moments are good in limits but the moment they start ruling and controlling us and get on our heads, we set ourselves up for disaster.
-> Getting deep in the ocean of pseudo self-love never turns out to be good for anyone.
->A mother‟s heart can only bless her child to be safe and achieve greater heights.
-> The alluring brightness that the city lights bring is mesmerising and elevating for a short period but later we have to and we must return to our roots. You might get success within a short span but what lasts forever is our relationships and the moments of joy and sorrow spent with the people close to us.
-> People once gone can never come back and mistakes once made can never be erased.
-> The pain of losing your loved one is incomparable to any other suffering and the pain gets worse when you had the opportunity to say goodbyes but you chose not to.
-> The most heinous mistakes never get another chance to rectify and hurting an innocent heart could be the worst act.
-> The world means nothing without family.

-> Love is meant to be shared and exchanged, keeping your selfish motives and aspirations aside.
-> An artist finds art in everything.
-> The toughest reality is to accept death. We all don’t cherish life when it goes on smoothly, neither do we ever care much or are grateful towards the surprises of life.
-> Life never stops and that’s the hard reality, but things done wrong today can be improved by not continuing the same for the rest of the life. But do we all really get the precious piece of time to conduct a self-analysis?
-> Everybody who looks back on his/her life makes a wrong choice but the choice of people, situation and corrections should be wisely done.
-> Life is short and things postponed for tomorrow might never come to terms with our pace of life but things that are around us today should be dearly cherished.
-> Regretting later will not bring any good to either of us but cherishing today will bring us happiness.
-> Sometimes we understand the value of someone only when they’re gone.
-> A few places, a few incidences and a few stories cannot be defined by sense and logic, they can only be felt by heart and seen.
-> A man should not be expected to always be strong and nobody, including soldiers, should be expected to have a heart of steel.
-> In the end we all carry a little child within us who seeks love, care, and protection. We all want someone to always look out for us.
-> Regrets shall diminish only when we start realizing and correcting our mistakes with immediate effect rather than regretting them later and making it worse for ourselves and the people around us.

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