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Characters by Arya Narrayan

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Almost every work of fiction has a wealth of characters within—so what would you do if you came across the characters from your favorite book or movie? Would you talk to them? Dance with them? Live with them in their dreamworld? Or would you want to change them completely?
Rose is working as the lead editor in The Truth, one of most well-known newspapers in Toronto, when strange things start happening inside her head… What are these strange things? And what tragedy will they bring to her kith and kin?

Genre: Fiction/Suspense

Pages: 48

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

My Rating: 4/5

Rose and Tonya are roommates and best friends. Only Tonya is aware of a rare mental condition that Rose has. When Rose falls in love and decided to marry her supervisor, Alvin, Tonya has her doubts. Things go well for a while between Alvin and Rose, but when Rose has a miscarriage, she begins to suspect Alvin of foul play. Are Rose’s doubts real or are they an infestation of her mental condition?

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:

-> The story keeps you hooked till the end and you keep guessing what’s real vs what’s imaginary, till the very last page.
-> It is at once thrilling and a scary read, because it makes you wonder and fear that what if what’s happening to Rose, happens to us?
-> Almost all the characters are unpleasant, making us suspect everyone’s motives. This keeps us guessing as to who the culprit might be and what everyone’s motive is.

What I did not like about the book:

-> With multiple characters in life and in mind, things turn confusing after a while. The story starts and ends well, no doubt. But in order to add one more twist, the joy of the thriller fades out.
-> The book cover is really drab and way too simple.

Quotable quotes:

-> Writing is almost a mathematical problem that is always interesting to solve.
->If you believe you have talent, then you must work for what you desire.
-> We need to fight for justice till we get it or else we will always end up being pushed around everywhere.
-> Don’t take anyone as your role model in this world because, if you do, you will only reach the limits reached by that person. Just adopt your unique style so that you can reach beyond that horizon. You have to set the limits or the path. You shouldn’t allow others to do that for you.

->Views will always change from person to person.
->Everything looks good in the initial stage.
->Be open and honest when starting a new relationship.
-> Everyone has their own problems but it is a problem only if we think it is a problem.
-> People who successfully come out of trouble have more self-confidence.
-> Everything has a good reason-especially when it comes to bad events.

->Women are psychologically more powerful than men when analyzing real-life problems.
-> One should know their character so that they can come to know their strengths and weaknesses. But, at the same time, everyone should also examine the hidden characters around them, or else their life can be flipped

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