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The God Within by Ratika Mishra 

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Is it a matter of perspectives or the teachings? Is it the inherent characteristics that make a person who they are? Or is it what one learns throughout their life? The mistakes they make, the guilt they face, the lessons they can pass on? What is the true purpose and how can you achieve it?

Mohini, a girl with a fateful past, turns out to be a God-woman! She has many beliefs and “God Resides Within” – is the most important of those. Does this belief turn out to be any good for her?

Isn’t life, after all, ALL ABOUT BELIEFS?

The God Within will take you into an interesting journey of Mohini and how she finds God!

Genre: Fiction/Spiritual

Pages: 47

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 120 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback (available only in India): 220 INR

My ratings: 4.3/5

Mohini, a girl with a tragic childhood sets out on the path of spirituality. In the process of curbing her emotions, unintentionally, she ends up harming a couple of people she really cares about. Will she be able to forgive herself? In her journey of self-discovery, we learn about the human psyche and behavior.

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:
-> The character development, their backstories, the lessons, everything is written well
Most readers would be able to relate to the stories of Mohini, Ashok, and even Minal. Their thoughts and the way they react are connected to most of us.
-> It teaches many important life lessons, like:
a) Following anybody blindly, irrespective of how much ever you respect them, is not a wise choice
b) Self-discovery and growth are lifelong journeys.
c) Nothing ever be a hundred percent right or wrong.
-> How we get affected by external factors, especially materialistic things, and how these mislead us from the path of salvation is explained brilliantly in this book.
-> The story, without being too preachy or judgmental teaches us about the consequences of our actions, self-realization, and how we should own up and grow towards our betterment.

What I did not like about the book:
-> Though the storyline is good, at many points it lacks depth in the writing style and tends to go around in loops, reiterating the same point multiple times. This made me frustrated as a reader.

Quotable quotes :
-> She never believed that love, happiness or compassion can ever be received from the
-> Whatever you are looking for externally, is your soul demanding you to connect internally.
-> It is a mother’s love that wants the best for her child regardless of the consequences. It undoubtedly makes you strong. But just like everything else, wishing for your child’s happiness comes at a price.
-> Pain, like any other emotion, demands to be felt. If you don’t feel it, if you don’t let it get to you then you will not be in pain.
-> Survival of the fittest, does it mean surviving by all means? But when did surviving become acceptable at the cost of others? It’s an animal instinct within humans that makes them kill. It is the desire taking over needs. The road to God meant control over kill. It is the desire taking over needs. The road to God meant control over yourself, however, that doesn’t imply control over others. But that is the problem with humans, once they understand the powers within, they start using them over others. To prove their identity, to show it to the entire world. Power is something the human race is crazy about, everything in this world is basically about attaining that power.
-> Controlling emotions and curbing them has its side effects.
-> It takes dedication and practi
ce to reach one’s higher purpose.
-> Every being has a God within; the humans. Perhaps that is why they all are so powerful but the problem is that none of the beings are aware of their powers.

-> Pain and struggles are a part of God’s love, it was his way to keep humans grounded. It was his method to make you realize your purpose.
-> It’s strange how at times you change priorities, how you attend business before, you attend something which can be more important.
-> You are only human to feel emotions, you shall experience them, feel them in full glory so don’t suppress them. Only then you will be able to let go of these emotions and get to a place where nothing affects you. Anger, hate, jealousy will all be gone- you will feel eternal peace.

-> Loss is an inevitable part of life, we lose our hair, our nails, our age with passing time. It is a reminder served to us of what we are ultimately going to lose. Our BODY- the one thing that we hold so dear, so near is not yours, not mine. It is something we all are bound to lose. The question then is, how to deal with losses? As whenever you lose anything, be it money, things, or a person – the only question you ask is, what to do next? Why did this happen? How will you live now without the lost entity?
> No loss is as big as it seems in the beginning. It is all time-dependent.
-> Any loss serves you as a reminder of the impermanence of life. It is a reminder to let you know the value of time. If you have something forever, you will take it for granted. And that is one of the biggest mistakes you can commit. You should always know the value of whatever you have, be it a person, a thing, or even time.
-> Earning money is not the ultimate purpose of life.
-> The human mind is a tricky thing and slowing it down is the hardest thing to accomplish.

-> Someone who has learned how to make peace with the past is of lesser harm than someone who curbs the past deep within. That past, those emotions can come to the surface any day and become an act or tool for danger.
-> Humans are not God and that difference shall exist.

-> In a world of wrongs, we are trying to do the right. We are rarely looking into ourselves, we are so blinded by our willingness to do right that we forget that what we consider right can be wrong for somebody else and what we consider wrong can be right for someone else.
-> Who defines what is right and what is wrong? A child hungry for food will cry in an
airplane, it’s right for him and his parents but not for other passengers. It is insane to divide anything between right and wrong.
-> Everything in this world is a matter of perspectives.

-> To believe in something with your heart, to channel your entire energy in that belief and to find out that that very belief could be wrong then it creates doubt, creates a hollowness that you never knew existed.
-> The world is a messed up place and people do wrong and right things. But we are indeed a part of this world.
-> We all do our share of right and wrong deeds, so we can never be in the white or
black area. Neither could this world, the world always has and will always exist in the grey area.
-> There will be many people who will be doing things that will be right, and many others who will be doing wrong things but neither I nor you can control it. Even the most righteous human being will do something bad, and the evilest will do something right. It will always be the case and you cannot change it.
-> Even the most righteous man can do things which will be right/wrong for people and vice versa.
-> People will always be free to make their choices, there will always be right and wrong, nobody can ever be the ultimate judge. Yes, there are a few things which are wrong, to begin with.
-> Your actions, your choices are your responsibility, you can never run away from them. If you choose to do something, you have to bear the consequence of your actions. Even with regret, you have to live with the guilt of your choices. You cannot run away from it.
-> As a teenager, one never really knows what to expect and what to aim for in life. Thus, getting influenced by whoever impresses you the most is quite easy.

> Life shall move forward and once you move forward, there should be no looking back.
-> Most of us lack patience, but life teaches it to all who need it.
-> We can all have different opinions and still fulfill our journey of life. It is not important that everyone is in coherence with what we say or believe.

-> One learns more by writing and reflecting on their thoughts than simply going through the day without any retrospection.
-> All humans want throughout their life is power. The conquest, the strive, and
everything else is about power. And the funny thing is the only one truly powerful is the one who isn’t striving for it. Who doesn’t look for it and focuses more on the inner learnings and wisdom of day-to-day life.
-> Knowledge is a vicious tool. If not directed or channelized correctly, it can lead to some irreparable damage.
-> One’s belief in self is only fair until it doesn’t start to harm someone else.
-> The world works in grey and not in a black and white manner.

-> Power can only be exerted on the people who are lower in position or class than you. It is ever-vicious, you can never achieve it or lose it. You are as powerful as you feel or act. But in order to attain it, you lose sight and it sucks the life out of you.
-> Spirituality is a deeply personal experience, you don’t have to be ahead of anyone, you are not behind anyone. You are on a path to awakening to learning a better way of living. It is supposed to make you better, any tantric vidya or any other sadhana can surely help you influence people, but it won’t provide you with peace.

-> There is no going back to what is done, you can never undo it. All you get to do is move forward, to look forward. To learn and become better. You have to accept that you made a mistake- you are a human and it is allowed. You are allowed to make mistakes. Mistakes can always be big or small. But as they say, every saint is a sinner, and vice versa.
-> You can teach people the best things and they will understand according to their own
perspective. You can never learn for them. It is not upon you, the mental state of a person is neither governed nor your responsibility.
-> None of us can ever be the judge of someone else’s life.

->Your actions are your responsibility and how you choose to act is upon yourself.
-> You cannot decide people’s actions, neither their sins nor how they choose to get rid of the guilt.
-> Each individual is on their own path and life teaches us all.
-> God is an energy, it’s whom and what you choose to see.

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