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3 Unusual Things You’ll Find in My Home

“I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me here.”

― Lauren Myracle

It is true when they say that home is a feeling or even a person, rather than a place. But the fact remains that we do have a physical structure that provides us a shelter, a roof over our heads, which we call ‘home’. For me, this place has never been stagnant. In my life till now, I have resided in 14 houses aka ‘homes’ at various stages in my life

Note: By houses/homes here, I mean a place where I have lived for more than a couple of months and with my family or friends/roommates.

Though that may sound a bit too much (and sometimes it is), I’m grateful for the enriching experiences I have had because of this.

It has made me understand myself better

It has made me appreciate stability.

This is probably why I’ve become a sucker for home décor and quirky stuff. Irrespective of the house I’ve stayed in and eventually come to call ‘home’, there are some things that are always present wherever I stay.

1. Swing

Every house that I have lived in, irrespective of its size and the number of occupants, has invariably had a swing. This is generally a single-seat swing chair and it more often than not becomes my reading spot. I’ve had to argue and endure rolling eyes to get my demand for a swing (indoor or outdoor) fulfilled. But I don’t mind it one bit. Because the swing usually becomes a hot favorite spot for the inhabitants and any visitors to the residence.

May be an image of 2 people and people smiling
Note: I’ve lived in a few rented spaces over the years. A couple of these did not have swings.


As you might have guessed from the way I began this blog post, I’m a sucker for befitting quotes. This aspect of my personality shines through in one or more spots in my home. Be it the kitchen, the bedroom, the furnishings, the hall, and sometimes even the washroom, they all have a few lines or phrases adorning their walls.

In my current residence, I’ve gone a level up and used one of my own poems as a piece of wall décor.

Artist: Vidhi Parekh

3. An unusual bookshelf (generally DIY)

If it’s not apparent already, let me make it clear now: I’M A BOOKWORM. So it’s almost impossible that my home would not have books. Over the years though, I have developed a taste for the unusual and quirky and have ever since tried to make my book stacks more appealing.

Have a look yourself.

And… here’s a bonus one!

4. Decals and photo collages

The wall behind the sofa hall or the wall behind your bed, in my opinion, should never be empty. I fill up these spaces with quirky decals and photos of my husband and myself.


What are the unusual things you have at your home?

Note: The photos are of various homes I’ve resided in over the years. For privacy reasons, I have refrained from declaring which ones out of them are from my current place of residence.


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