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Meet Me Under the Stars by Manasi Singh

Blurb (as on Amazon)

He thinks with his mind.

She leads with the heart.

Can these two ever be business partners…or even something more?

Veda Mehra’s life was simple, until an inheritance throws her into co-owning a bar and bistro with Arjun Pratap Singh, the totally-hot-but-totally-annoying guy who runs Adventa Group.

Running the family business since a young age, Arjun is used to being the authority. Nobody says no, until this girl walks into his life and questions everything he has learnt about business and life. One night and a bottle of wine rehashes the ghosts of the past, and changes everything. They know love is off limits to them, but who can challenge destiny? Can he make her broken heart love again? Can she break his walls down?

A sizzling romance peppered with friction leads to a battle of will that has Veda wondering – who wins? The heart, the project, or her past?

Genre: Fiction/Romance

Pages: 144

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 125 INR/$3.99
  • Paperback: (Available only on $12.00

My Ratings: 4.5/5

Vedantika Mehra and Arjun Pratap Singh are as opposite as two individuals could possibly be. She works at a Marketing Agency and he is owner/CEO of Adventa Group; not to mention three times winner of Businessman of The Year. When someone they care about equally throws them together in a project, sparks fly, almost literally. Can they put aside their differences to work out the project while also keeping their obvious attraction towards each in check?

What I liked about the book:

-> The author had highlighted how important it is to move on from the grief of losing someone. This is shown through varied actions and decisions by each of the characters.
-> The story manages to keep a great balance between tragedy, comedy, and romance. One minute you’re laughing at comebacks of Vedantika and the next second you’re drooling over the handsomeness of Arjun.
-> The great character development is so authentic that you can’t help but cheer for the characters as they become better and grow out of their flaws, especially Vedantika.
-> The narration is absolutely crisp and beautiful. It keeps you hooked till the end.
-> The supporting characters like Ashi, Shaan, and Zee play such an important role that you end up wishing you had such people in your life too.
-> The story beautifully takes us through how a person lives with grief when they lose a loved one and how they overcome it and carry on with their life.
-> Though predictable it’s an easy light-hearted read perfect for all age groups.
-> The climax chapters with Vedantika’s family and her scenes with her parents are especially well-written and you can’t help but tear up a bit.
-> The progress of the romance is very delicately and practically dealt with. I especially loved how Vedantika comes into her own, accepts, and addresses the fact that she needs to first get over her emotional/mental problem before letting herself into a new relationship.

What I did not like about the book:

-> Arjun’s feminist views felt very refreshing to read about in the initial chapters. I wish they were shown in the rest of the chapters as well.

Quotable quotes:
-> Happiness does not depend on one person. Your happiness should be absolute, no matter who is there and who is not.
->Sentiments and business don’t really mix well.
-> At some point in your life, you are going to have to let someone in. It’s the only way you can have a humane life.
-> Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.

-> In the face of loss, people change.
-> That was the thing about feelings. They had to be let out.
-> Things have a way of finding their path back to you.
-> When are things ever simple in life? The last time my life was simple was when my biggest worry was to choose a flavor of ice cream when my dad would take me to the ice cream store.

-> There is a reason a book is divided into chapters; because every new chapter is a chance for a new beginning.
-> In life, there will be a million reasons to not do something. But finding that one reason to do it, can sometimes be the thing that changes things upside down.

-> Love is not all that petty. It does not have to be just for one person.
-> Something that prevents you from making fresh memories is not called ‘holding on’.
-> We are all a little broken on the inside. What matters is the person we choose to let heal us.
-> How does anyone where the line is drawn, where limits are?

-> Dealing with death is never easy.
-> Why do men assume they need to sort shit out for the girls? They can do all that by themselves. All you must do is to be her support system while she does it herself.

-> Nothing is over unless you choose it to be.
-> Life comes as a bundle of surprises and shocks. It doesn’t matter how many there are, what matters is how we handle each of them, and the grace we show in the face of obstacles.

-> Love is not something that is given to a person in some quota, that you can only have so much to pass around. No. Love is something that grows, grows with every person you choose to give it to, with every person who gives it to you. It grows as much as you let it grow, as much as you let it in.
-> You will always love those you lost. It doesn’t mean you can’t love someone else. Love is infinite.
-> It’s worth it when it’s for someone you truly love.
-> Everyone deserves a fair chance for love in their life.

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