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In Conversation with Radhika Acharya

Being Indian and not belonging to the middle class is almost impossible. I myself grew up in a middleclass background. The people belonging to this strata of the Indian society have certain traits and mannerisms that can only be termed as ‘quirky’ and ‘laughable’. One book that has captured this really well is The Adventures of the JP Family: Humour Tidbits by Radhika Acharya. It is a laughter riot through and through.

Check out my detailed review of this book here

I enjoyed it so much that, it in fact, was one of my best reads of 2020. The author, Radhika Acharya and I, have been in contact through social media ever since I began singing praises about the book from rooftops. Though I had pitched the idea of a doing an #AuthorCollaborative with her, the time never seemed to be right. I had pretty much given up on being able to talk to her beyond our DM chats and exchange of comments on social media.

It came as a pleasant surprise for me when I saw her review of Love (Try) Angle.

Read Radhika’s detailed review here

This became a huge push for me to keep following up with her on when and how we could have a long chat with each other about our respective books.

Today, after over a year, the pious occasion finally arrived.

YouTube Channel: A Rustic Mind

The session went just as I had envisioned, with a lot of laughter and even more exchange of knowledge. I wanted to learn about her experience of being blogger as well as an author, so my questions circled mostly around that bit.

Check out Radhika’s answers here

Radhika’s questions were based on my experience of writing short stories as well as a novel.

Check out my answers here

We ended the session with my favorite bit, the rapid fire round.

Check out Radhika’s answers here
Check out my answers here

Neither of us realized when almost an hour went by. I am pretty sure you won’t regret watching us in conversation either. You can have a look/see at the full session in the video below:

Author Collaborative with Radhika Acharya


Books discussed in the session:

Thank you for reading.

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