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In Conversation with S B Akshobhya

As kids and young adults, especially in India, most of us have had the conversation where our ‘backup’ career plan was to either open a photocopy shop or a snack stall near our school or college. Naïve that we were, we used to think these enterprises were ‘easy money’. This myth however was shattered after my reading of The Panipuri Crimes by S B Akshobhya

Read my detailed review of The Panipuri Crimes

It was an eye-opening and thrilling read. about what really behind the scenes of such small businesses in India. After reading the book, my curious mind wanted to know more, so I reached out to S B Akshobhya on social media. Despite being occupied with his upcoming projects, he agreed to join me on the #AuthorCollaborative. He read Love (Try) Angle and to my very pleasant surprise, he liked it very much.

Read S B Akshobhya’s detailed review of Love (Try) Angle

Over an Instagram live session today evening, we discussed all things related to writing and publishing.

IG handle: @arusticmind_

I picked his brains about writing such an ensemble story.

Check out his answers here

He had some interesting questions of his own for me too.

Check out my answers here

This invigorating round of Q&A was followed by a lighthearted rapid-fire round.

Check out his answers here
Check out my answers here

You can have a look/see at our full conversation in the video below:


Books discussed in the session:

Thank you for reading.

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