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An Open Letter to the COVID Vaccine

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Dear Covid-19 vaccine,

We’ve met twice now. I’m sure you don’t remember me. What with you having to protect the world and all.

But since I’m in the minority group that did not think twice before taking you in, I feel we should be on a first-name basis now. So let me just begin with a disclaimer: I’m an inquisitive soul.

So this conversation might feel invasive. But who cares, your entire being invaded my body, so I win.

I had a few questions I had in mind, before moving on to my feelings about you:

A. How does it feel to be the most talked-about thing on the planet?

Even before you came into existence, people were only talking about you.

The million-dollar question on everyone’s mind since March 2020 was, “When will we have a vaccine?”

That’s some serious performance pressure dude. So a few tips on how to handle it would be awesome!

B. Do you feel peer pressure?

Sure, the world has been hit by pandemics and life-threatening diseases before. But none as scarring as Covid-19 for sure. It must feel amazing to be The One who tried to bring back normalcy to the world. Kind of like how Harry Potter vanquished The Dark Lord.

Okay, we’re digressing.

But surely, your peers must be jealous of the limelight that you’re receiving in such a short time.

They must also be sneering when despite taking your dose, people are falling prey to the virus.

I also know for a fact that you’re going to waste because not many people are taking you in. This must be just another for your peers to make fun of and scoff at you.

How are you handling this pressure? Because I feel it too. You know, when my content falls flat, especially the content I’ve worked really hard on, and know that it’s worthy of much more appreciation than it gets. *Sigh* So, you get it right?

We’ve already established that we’re friends and they do say ‘A Friend in need is a friend indeed’ so dear wise one, do impart some knowledge to this ignorant child.

Anyhoo, moving on to the more (or less?) important part of my letter. I thought I’d just drop in and ask how you’re doing amidst all this changed world scenario.

Despite many people not appreciating and accepting you, know that there are people like me who believe in you.

You are a symbol of hope in the darkness that seems to have enveloped humankind (inside and out).

So, stay put and don’t give up.


A friend (this just feels enforced now so it’ll be nice if you could just say ‘yes’ or simply give a nod to confirm our status)

Someone who looks at you with hope and not with fear


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12 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the COVID Vaccine”

  1. This is one of the most interesting and fun posts I read today. Now I am secretly wishing that covid vaccine reply you back with all the answers. Nice one!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting & valid questions. Also wondering what If we never really had vaccine in place till now? Things would have been messed up. Thankful 🥲 also hopeful to bid farewell to the covid virus by end of this year

    Liked by 1 person

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