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Triangle of Treason by Bob Richards

Blurb (as on Amazon)

Triangle of Treason takes us on an exciting journey through a momentous period in Bermuda’s history.
Retired Captain Rodney Horatio Grant RN, through a German friend, meets Hitler and soon finds himself embroiled in treason and murder as a dedicated spy for the Third Reich.

Alongside this story of espionage and violence we meet Alan (Hooks) Jones, Bermuda ferryboat pilot and devoted family
man. He makes friends with newly deployed Lieutenant Harley Harvey, call sign ‘Swordfish’. We follow Swordfish as he falls in love with Hooks’ daughter Becky, and so we learn of the difficulties endured in those days by an interracial couple striving to keep their relationship secret.

Upon uncovering the truth about Captain Grant, Swordfish and Hooks embark on a nail-biting mission to bring him down.
Their adventures leave Hooks famous on the Island and Swordfish a war hero.

Triangle of Treason keeps us absorbed from beginning to end. By the time you have finished you will want to visit Bermuda.

Genre: Fiction/ Historical Thriller

Pages: 203

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback/Hardcover


  • Kindle eBook (available only on : 49 INR
  • Paperback (available outside India) : $18.95
  • Hardcover (available outside India) : $29.95

My Ratings: 4.8/5

Rodney Horatio is a retired captain of the British Navy, who meets Hitler through a German friend and somehow becomes a spy for the Third Reich. On the island of Bermuda, where the treason happens, we meet Alan (Hooks) Jones (a ferryboat pilot) and Lieutenant Harley Harvey, who learn the truth about Horatio and set out on a mission to bring him down.

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:
->The balance between romance, mystery, thrill, and adventure lends a perfect reading experience.
-> Though the book is majorly a mystery thriller, it has its emotional and thought-provoking moments, making us reflect upon quite a few aspects of life and history.
-> The book is quite long, to be honest. This was especially a challenge for me because I have not read a thick book in a long time. But kudos to the author that I was able to finish it in just a few days because the plot never loses grip.
-> The setting of World War II in the Bermuda Triangle was quite intriguing and fascinating to read about. I devoured the historical aspects and enjoyed this knowledge amassing read.
-> I was amazed at how the author has built up vivid imagery using fictional characters to make us know the geographical and political issues of this region and also its role in WWII. We get to know many new things and facts about this place and even learn some trivia about WWII that we might have been unaware of till now.
-> The romance between Harley and Becky sheds light upon the difficulties faced by interracial couples during WWII. Reading about their struggle to keep their relationship a secret makes us reflect upon and appreciate the times we live in and the kind of freedom we have.
-> The book is actually a collection of three close-knit stories that seem to be unrelated at first glance. But the way they come to all make sense together is mind-blowing.

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