I’m A Juxtaposition

Photo by Greg Jeanneau on Unsplash

Is there something you love the outcome of,

But completely dislike the process of?

Uh-oh, did I just define

The story of life,

for all humankind?

Let me begin with mine,

Because I love the process of most

Things that I engage in

But not necessarily all that I do,

or rather have to do.

I love food,

But I do not enjoy cooking,

Yes, I know cooking is an art.

For many, it’s a profession.

For some even a passion.

But, given a choice,

I would happily opt-out of it,

If someone would just take over the kitchen,

and provide me with my

Daily and specific food requirements.

I love traveling,

But I dislike the process

That comes before and after it,

The packing is fine,

Even enjoyable on most occasions,

Because I’m such a sucker for organizing stuff.

It’s the part after the travel, I really dislike.

You know, when the journey ends

and you return to routine and reality.

You’re already probably sad that its over,

But then, you also need to unpack,

The physical as well as emotional baggage.

I love a clean space,

But hate the cleaning part. 
Because, not everyone can be Monica, right?

It’s a blessing,

That I have a passion for organizing and decor.

And being such a sucker for aesthetic appeals,

My home appears beautiful,

Even though it might not be clean on some days.

So you see,

I’m a constant contradiction.

Something of a juxtaposition

Someone who is always on tenterhooks,

About what to do,

And how to find a balance,

Between what I want and what I like.

Are you also like that?


Thank you for reading.

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