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Life In Different Colours by Pratik P Sharda

Blurb (as on Amazon):

If one can safely assume something, many of us who love reading are unable to do so due to lack of time to read a full novel running into a number of pages. 

Life in Different Colours offers the readers short and captivating stories, which focus on some facets of life as seen by the author, woven into a world of fiction. Each story in this book can be read within a maximum of thirty to forty minutes. 

But that is not all. The author hopes that, through his imagination captured in these stories, these stories will not only make for a good read but also help the readers in some manner.

Genre: Fiction/Short stories

Pages: 188

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 129 INR/$3.99
  • Paperback: 203 INR/$10.99

My Ratings: 4.5/5

True to its title this book comprises a myriad of relatable short stories in almost all genres: thriller, action, romance, family, drama. The 13 short stories are based on the emotions of people and are unique in their own way, leaving a lasting impact on readers’ minds and hearts.

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:
-> Each story emphasizes that life is not what you just experience and people are not just what you see. There is more to people behind what they choose to show others.
-> Each of the stories attributes itself to life and its own way of living. While some of the stories also help the readers to rekindle lost values and virtues
-> The stories aren’t just for entertainment but also focus on delivering important messages to the readers about human behavior and imparting life lessons we tend to overlook in our everyday routines.
-> The build-up and narration in each story were highly engaging, even though sometimes the conclusion turned out to be predictable.
-> The book opens up the world of real-life to you. It is a good read for all the readers, especially for those who want to start reading. Because it is easy on your head and comforting for your heart

What I did not like about the book:
-> As an avid reader, I could guess the ending or the upcoming parts of most stories.

Quotable quotes:
-> Life is an empty white canvas. A canvas that each one of us has to fill with colour of our choosing.
> The genius of the human mind lies in the fact that it cannot rest until it finds answers for almost anything in the world that intrigues it.
> People love to cry about unwanted things, but they do not take it seriously enough to get rid of such things.
-> WhatsApp is the thing of this millennia. While it is a faster way to communicate, it has made people too lazy to type using proper grammar.
-> Many important people leave our lives. Although they can never be replaced, if we look around, we will find that there is always someone else who is with us, who is just enough for us to move on.
-> The moments you spend with your loved ones are the most priceless things given by God to us, apart from life. Being near your near and dear ones and caring for them are the things that matter the most in life.

-> It is surprising to see that even in the twentieth century, we are living in a time that values caste, religion, social status, and such other things that separated ‘human’ from ‘humanity’ since the beginning of time. When will people learn that love is all that is important and spreading it is the only way to overcome evil, greed, and hate that now dominates the human mind?
> There are times in everyone’s life that two contradictory voices speak to them.
-> Who says love can happen only when you are young?
-> The heart does not see age, caste, religion, and such other stuff. It just wants what it wants.

> Marriages are made in heaven and it is immaterial if that is on account of it being love or arranged marriage.
-> You never know what something will lead you to unless you do it.

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