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A Lovely Coastal Town Near Rotterdam ~ Hoek van Holland

Photo by the author | Me at Hoek van Holland

Last week, on a sunny evening, we thought of utilizing the opportunity to bask in the sun on a beachfront. An hour and a half away by a car drive, Hoek van Holland seemed to be the ideal day trip location.

This lovely coastal town is located in an area of Rotterdam known for its beautiful beach. The beach in itself is is 250-metres wide and 3.5 km long. The path leading to the beachfront reminded me a lot of Marine Drive and Nariman Point in Mumbai. The only difference being, this one is an active shipping port, with ships and boats either stationed on the water or passing by as you walk on the pathway.

Photo by the author | Me at Hoek van Holland

One can sit on the parapet for hours, gazing at the swans and ducks swimming by. Of course, if you’re an ardent fan of the shipping industry, the many ships and boats are an added bonus. The view is a perfect blend of natural and urban surroundings.

Photo by the author | Me at Hoek van Holland

About a 3-kilometer walk/cycle ride on this pathway leads one to the huge beachfront. This area is divided into 3 sections:

a. The ‘Large’ Beach

b. The ‘Hoekse’ Beach

c. The Northern Beach

Photo by the author | Me at Hoek van Holland

The entire area offers great views along with ample activities that you self engage in or pay for, including:

  • Bike rides
  • Hiking
  • Water surfing

There are many eateries around as well, that offer beach-facing views. If you feel like a day trip won’t suffice, there are hotels to put up as well. So, one can easily take a longer trip or holiday at this place.

We spent about 3 hours here, idling away on the parapet, slow walking on the pathway and the beach. And later, indulging in some yummy food and drinks at one of the beach-facing eateries.

If in the Netherlands, do visit this place, especially if you’re a beach lover.

Here are some videos to give you a better idea of of the place and an overview of our experience.

A walk down the pathway leading to Hoek van Holland

Basking in the sunlight and the views at Hoek van Holland

Saying hello to the swans at Hoek van Holland

Pro-tip: Carry sunscreen lotion, because the sunlight can be harsh. There’s ample free parking space, so a road trip would be more convenient. The port is well connected with Rotterdam by train and ferry too though.

Photo by the author | A collage of our day out at Hoek van Holland


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