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Daily Reminders for Sharing Content on Social Media

Sharing your creativity and content on social media can be a daunting feat. Especially because people can be mean and hateful. Also because we tend to validate our work and worth based on the engagement we receive on the content we share on social media. It has given me sleepless nights and some down moments (and days) as well.

We tend to validate our work and worth based on the engagement we receive on the content we share on social media.

There is a valid reason social media is linked to depression and loneliness. We live in a time when many people spend countless hours a day online strolling through the timeline of others with envy, regret, and little appreciation for their own life.”― Germany Kent

I’m no expert on SMM or how to make the most of Instagram, Facebook any other online platform. However, these are some reminders that help me stay on track with my social media content. 

1. I am doing it for myself more than for anyone else

I have this need in me to share my content with the world because it gives me so much joy. It is also a great way to digitize my content for posterity. So I keep this is as my top priority, reminding myself that,

‘I’m doing it for ME’

2. The likes and comments are huge motivations, but they don’t validate the quality of my content

Unfortunately, I fell and still fall into this loop on many occasions. It does feel good when someone resonates with or likes what I have to say. But this doesn’t happen all the time because of multiple reasons; like maybe people are hesitant to comment or maybe that particular post didn’t reach as many or the right people. So, I don’t let this affect the quality of my content by reminding myself of point number one.

Agreed, that it does feel good when someone resonates with or likes what you have to say but every post of yours won’t go viral.

3. Only if I post content consistently will it reach the right audience and it will also help improve the quality of my content

I always follow the motto of ‘Consistency is key’. This holds true for any task, so why not for content? Hence, I continue to share my writing on a regular basis, forgetting about anything else but my own satisfaction. 

I do this because: 

a. I know the right audience will connect with it and they’ll help me reach a larger right audience. 

b. This will ultimately help me understand the content market better and I’ll be able to post better stuff over time.


To sum up:

  1. Do it for yourself
  2. Don’t validate the quality of content based on the likes and comments
  3. Post consistently to reach a wider audience and to improve the quality of your content

Remember, that username is a real person. Choose to spread the love online.”
― Amy Leigh Mercree


Thank you for reading.

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9 thoughts on “Daily Reminders for Sharing Content on Social Media”

  1. True words.. These are some of the points i too consider while posting content myself.. There are times when we tend to forget why we started penning our thoughts and go mindlessly in to the rat race. It does help reminding ourselves that it’s supposed to be something that we like doing.


  2. I have turned off the count of no of likes on my Instagram posts and it has given me such relief. I no longer have to justify numbers or be upset if a post doesn’t perform well. Surprising how such a small feature can provide this level of comfort


  3. We often get caught up in the tangle of likes and reach and tie it to the worth of our content and even ourselves. This post is a good reminder to remember where our priorities should lie.


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