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Fun (and Frustrations) of Being Married to a Writer

Though it might be hard to believe and heartbreaking, the fact remains that,


Many of my friends, followers and readers, ask about my personal life, especially about my husband, Manan Desai. A lot of them even ask me about him, wanting to know more about us. I write about him in my books and also do fun quizzes about us on my Instagram stories. My DMs are flooded with questions and requests about and around him.

So last Sunday, we finally gave in and listened to the universe. In one of the episodes hosted by Siddhant Agarwal (a book blogger and reviewer) on his Instagram handle, my husband (Manan) and I were in conversation with Siddhant for over half an hour.

Siddhant wanted to go behind the scenes to understand how my better half perceives me while I write and what my pet peeves are. Most importantly though, he wanted to understand my never-ending WIP of making Manan read my books!

So, meet the man himself! Get to know how he (Manan) feels being married to a writer (me duh!) in this fun and light hearted session.


Note: This blog is a part of Blogchatters #halfmarathon

Thank you for reading.

How to contact me:

Siddhant Agarwal’s Instagram handle: @sidreviews

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