Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Lesser number of trees,

So what?

We have plants at home,

It’ll be fine

Not many animals around,

So what?

We have our pets

and our favorite ones safe in zoos

It’ll be fine

Flatlands and forests disappearing fast,

So what?

At least we have houses for everyone

And we’re safe in the walls of our homes

It’ll be fine

Food produce degrading in quality,

So what?

We have so much choice and variety

For all kinds of eatables

We’ll be fine

Climate and temperature erratic

So what?

We have ACs and heaters,

And even clothes that will protect us in all kinds of weather

We’ll be fine

Who says there’s an imbalance?

Because humans have learned to live in illusions

So, it’s alright

We’ll be fine, perhaps


Note: This blog is a part of Blogchatters #halfmarathon

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