The Great Fall

Photo by Felipe Souza on Unsplash

Standing on the edge, 

It was a risk worth taking. 

Taking a deep breath, he thought to himself, 

‘ At least I won’t regret not trying it.’

Looking down at the depth of the fall, 

He reminded himself, 

‘I might hurt myself with the experience of it,

But maybe the scars will help convince people,

That I am indeed in pain, 

And finally, they will see the proof, 

That my emotional scars failed to show.’


This poem is my attempt to try and make people understand that not all pain and scars are visible to the naked eye. It is my humble request to anyone and everyone reading this to empathize with those fellow humans, who are facing emotional pain. 


Note: This blog is a part of Blogchatters #halfmarathon

Thank you for reading.

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