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Feeling The Monday Blues?


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Here’s a little secret. I never feel them.

Wanna know how?

I focus on these three things every Monday morning before I begin work.

1. Letting go and moving on

The past week might have brought some bad experiences, challenges and struggles. So I remind myself ‘Let bygones be bygones’ because its way past gone now. A week old event doesn’t need my time and energy anymore. Phew! Isn’t it wonderful to be done and dusted with these, finally?

2. New week, new work

As the new work week begins, I remind myself that it’ll bring in new and exciting things to work on. My biggest motivation here is that I’ll probably get to know new sides to my own personality.

3. I can do this

Another week of my life has gone by and I made it through. Sure, it might have been challenging, but look at the bright side. I MADE IT!

Yep, surviving through whatever life threw at me is an achievement for me and should be so for anyone. If I made it through the past week, I can make it through one more for sure.


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