An Open Letter To All Humans

Photo by Vladislav Klapin on Unsplash

Dear people,

Do you know me?

If you do,

I’m sorry if we haven’t talked in a while.

If you don’t,

Here’s a hello from me to you.

Do you know what I like about us?

That we can talk and walk?

That we can see and hear?

That we can feel and express?

Yes, of course, all of that.

But, more than anything,

It’s the fact that,

Some of us don’t judge.

We have a broad-minded perspective,

On almost everything.

We try to be kind,

We try to be as helpful as possible,

And we listen to someone before jumping to conclusions.

Such people are my favorites.

As they help us retain faith in humanity.

Despite most of us engaging in heinous activities,

Breaching trusts, spewing dislike and hatred,

Being narrow-minded and unwilling to change

Or not wanting to accept things that,

Don’t fall under their limited worldview.

There are those out there,

who make the world better,

and worthy of living.

So, here’s a thank you to those,

Stay the way you are,

And know that you’re appreciated.


A believer in humanity


Note: This blog is a part of Blogchatters #halfmarathon

Thank you for reading.

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