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Linger, When You’re Gone by Chitra Padmana

Blurb (as on Amazon):

If I were wired to sense just one thing in this entire world, it would be the smell of you. Not flowers, not petrichor. Not liquid ink or pages of a new book. You. Just You. Filling all the spaces of my being.

For Miris, her keen sense of smell has always been a blessing and a bane. For years, she has wrapped herself in seclusion to escape the dark memories of her past. When the mysterious death of her best friend sends her world crashing down, she finds herself in a dangerous quagmire of nostalgia and temptation as terrifying secrets emerge.

Then one day… she’s suddenly engulfed by his essence.

Roy, who she’d promised to love forever.

Roy, who was never supposed to come back.

Plunged into cyclic nightmares, Miris will have to navigate the haunted realms of hallucination and reality as help and deception arrive in unexpected forms.

Will Sam and Saira, her friendly neighbors become twin rays of the sunshine she craves or will they be consumed by her darkness?

Is this insanity? Or a sinister presence?

What do you do when you cannot trust yourself?

‘Linger, When You’re Gone’, a unique psychological thriller packed with romance and suspense, will quicken your pulse and keep it racing!

Perfect for fans of gripping thrillers from the likes of Paula Hawkins, Gillian Flynn, Lisa Jewell, Ruth Ware and A.J. Finn. Enough of romantic suspense to keep readers of Nora Roberts hooked!

Genre: Fiction/Thriller

Pages: 180

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 99 INR/$2.99

My Ratings: 4.7/5

Miris, Veenu, and Haseena were roommates and BFFs. Their lives go astray when Roy, Miris’s boyfriend does something that ruins all their lives, forever. The three have a fallout but destiny brings Miris and Haseena together again when Veenu dies under mysterious circumstances. Miris’s hyperosmia lands her in the middle of the investigation and what she smells at the crime scene cannot be true! Miris thought Roy was out of their lives but is he really gone?

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:
-> This thriller has all the elements of fear and curiosity that keep us wondering about whodunit till the very end.
-> Though it’s an out-and-out thriller it also involves emotions and elements like love, insecurity, vulnerability, and heartbreak with a matured sense of self-actualization.
-> The plot is wonderful, unique, and well-researched. Not to mention, it is beautifully penned by the author. It has enough of everything to keep one glued to the story till the last page and finish reading the book in one go because it also has a romantic tinge that will keep you engrossed till the end.
-> The story touches upon several issues, right from childhood trauma to mental wellness and also conditions like hyperosmia and phantosmia, which many readers might not be aware of.
-> The use of lines from poems in the chapter titles was brilliant and so appropriate. These made the story more real and also built up curiosity as to what will be happening in the coming chapter.
-> The transition between the present and the past is extremely well-positioned and smooth.

What I did not like about the book:
-> The story leaves one wondering about a few things that remain unanswered.
(Who was Soham and what happened to him? What did Roy do to Saira? and quite a few such things)

Quotable quotes:
-> Some stories are destined to be written by the author who can do the best justice to it. Some stories choose the writer instead of the writer choosing them.
-> Questions needed to be asked on time. When people were still around you to answer them.
->It would be wrong to blame an entire city for the ugliness in one’s life. If the soul was tainted from the very beginning, could there ever be hope for complete absolution?
-> Biscuits are always a go-to food. Anyone could survive anything on biscuits.
-> Checking e-mails the first thing in the morning is a terrible idea. As is social media.
-> Flames burn their brightest before flickering out.

-> The fundamental problem with self-centered people is that they do not fear. Of repercussions of a broken bond. Of not loving back the people who care for them, who need them.
-> Old nightmares have a tendency to come true. The one thing you’d ask the Almighty to never happen to you again is always thrown at you to deal with again and again till your memories drip your bone of strength.
-> We all have encountered people who prefer ignorance to the truth.
-> Why are promises broken? Why are they so easily given, without thought, without intent? Why do we banish logic, throw away caution and fail to see through vices that make these promises inevitably redundant, the instant they are uttered? Why do we believe in promises?

> Age, profession, character traits, family backgrounds, apparently nothing matters when one’s mind starts leaning towards crime. It’s more like developing a taste and then getting addicted to it.
-> Stuff happens and there’s no other option but to face it, deal with it, and move on. Sometimes we can’t do it alone and we need help. And when you ask for help, you’re choosing to live and fight.
-> I finally understood. It was like I’d been blindfolded all the time and it was just now that they’d been taken off and I realized that I was at the precipice of a dark cliff.
-> As I felt his fingers and mouth exploring me all over, a sense of calm enveloped me like this was meant to be. Like the restless sea had found its shore. Like, I had come home.
-> Listen to your heart, but never ignore your instincts.
->You cannot run from some things, especially those that mess with your head.
-> Stop feeling sorry for yourself and jumping to conclusions about people around you. Shit happens. Life doesn’t stop. You need to move on. You need to take stock of what is happening to you.

->Protective is not being possessive. Getting rid of creeps is a good thing.
-> Infinity has so many meanings. It is an unreachable place of whispers and shadows, a vanishing time zone, a forbidden aroma dissipated in the recesses of the mind.

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