Dear Curtains

Photo by Christopher Martyn on Unsplash

Dear Curtains,

When I want to avoid the neighbours from peeping into my house,

I pull you in.

When I need to stop the light from outside blocking my TV,

I pull you in.

When I wish to have a peaceful sleep in the middle of the day,

I pull you in.

When I don’t want anyone to know whether I’m at home or not,

I pull you in.

Just one tug at your strings and my world becomes more comfortable.

Just a slide of you and I have more privacy.

You match my mood,

And allow me to choose your position as I deem fit.

You match the room you’re put in,

You even blend in or go contrast with everything around you,

As demanded of you.

Thank you dear curtains,

For blocking the light and eyes of the world outside,

To allow my heart to be light,

And for me to get some shut-eye.


A person who values and understands privacy.


Thank you for reading.

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