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Rainbow Rose by Rabia Sethi

Blurb (as on Amazon)

A young couple decides to sell their house and uproot their lives under mysterious circumstances.

A casual lunch date between two friends becomes a revelation about their lives.

A woman discovers a photograph by chance but it ends up wrecking her near-perfect life.

Two former lovers, one eventful night. What will it lead to?

A woman’s marriage is slipping away and so is her sanity.

Twelve rich and absorbing stories that are heartfelt, amusing, dramatic and always surprising.

Tapping into complex human relations and emotions, the collection is a wonderful mixed bag of goodies.

Genre: Fiction/Short Stories

Pages: 125

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 99 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 150 INR/$7.00

My ratings: 4.4/5

The book comprises twelve short stories that beautifully capture the complexities of human relationships. From second chances to having the courage of choosing yourself, from being the voice of people to the challenges one faces while coming out to the world, Rainbow Rose has it all.

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:
-> The stories are woven around the lives of common people around us.
-> The stories manage to do a wonderful job of spreading awareness on various topics that are not openly discussed in our society but are really important to lead a healthy life.
-> The characters are so realistic that it feels more like a truth disguised as fiction.
-> Each story begins with a sketch/ photograph depicting the theme of that story.
-> The book has something for everyone. It is great for beginner readers and a breather in between long-read for seasoned readers because it can easily be finished within a few hours.

What I did not like about the book:
-> Not all the stories are able to leave an impact which makes the overall, reading a little underwhelming.

Quotable quotes:
-> It is amazing how foolish we can be when we are in love.
-> You can never know, what will end up suiting you. We humans can surprise ourselves.
-> She was so caught up in her head that she missed out on all the good things that were right in front of her.
-> She was so caught up in her head that she missed out on all the good things that were right in front of her.
-> “I’m afraid to be alone but then marriage in our society entails a great deal of sacrifice on a woman’s part. I have put blood and sweat into my career, I cannot let it suffer.”
-> It is not easy for married women, especially moms to have a career.

-> “It might make me less desirable as a life partner, so be it. I cannot make everyone happy but at least I should be able to live with my choices.”
-> Putting everyone’s needs ahead of yours, does not necessarily count as love. You have to start paying attention to your needs and well-being too.
-> “Friends disagree all the time, as you grow older you will realize that even the people you love, don’t look at things the way you do and it is completely normal.”

Well if we keep on disagreeing, how will we remain best friends?”
“You both will have to agree to disagree then.”
-> There are some defining moments in our lives, they change the course of of our lives forever and we are no longer the same.
-> One of the perks of being a baby is that you can get away with wearing almost anything or nothing at all.
-> Each parent thinks their child would be better off adopting their value system rather than their partner’s. Such is our ego that we can see other’s faults more quickly in comparison to our own.

-> Whenever we look at the old photographs, instead of focusing on the clothes, we tend to focus on the people around us. Our mother’s smile, our father’s laugh, our old mates whom we had lost touch with, some family members who were no longer with us.
-> That is the problem with our society. Being a rich man, he didn’t feel the need to explain his actions. Rich people are at the liberty to do heinous things to the poor and get away with it. The poor are accustomed to suffering at their hands. This mind-set is so deeply baked into the cake of society that we fail to acknowledge how problematic it is.
-> The more you keep something that’s bothering you, inside, the more it will get to you. It can be a big life change or not something you wished for, so it’s okay to be upset.
-> Every family has its share of troubles, it’s just how well you play the hand you are dealt with.
-> Some things tend to change with time while some things remain the same.
-> When I was young, I didn’t know what words like ‘Spark’ or ‘Click’ meant, does a spark happen? And do you hear the clicking sound? Whenever my friends said they felt a spark with someone, I wondered how they knew. Or precisely feel?

-> “Some people can turn their passion into their vocation but everyone is not passionate about something.”
‘We are all passionate about something at some point in our lives. Something that makes us whole. It’s just that some people dare to take it forward while some don’t.”
-> The fact that someone listens to you and understands you well is so comforting.
-> We get to live only once, might as well spend it with someone who makes us happy. Your life should not be a settlement.
-> It was not going to be easy, but then I remembered that nothing worth having ever is.
-> Irrespective of whether you are close-knit or not, it’s natural to feel some guilt about leaving your folks behind.
-> Once you leave home; for whatever purpose, it was almost impossible to move back.
-> Wearing expensive clothes and dining at fine restaurants has nothing to do with your mentality.
-> That is the misery. Everyone is fine with it, as long as it doesn’t affect their home.
-> In Mumbai, Gossip travels faster than light, people don’t take it seriously.
-> Everyone has their challenges to conquer, their fears to face. Comparing your life to someone else is futile and wrong. Sometimes the choice we make, require us to display exceptional courage but that is the price we pay for living life on our terms.

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