An Ode to Friendship

Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash

Alone in a crowded school bus, 

The girl’s educational journey began thus.

Out of the house and away from loved ones for the first time, 

She was scared and nervous about this new climb. 

The school gates opened for her a treasure new,

The world and its people she slowly came to knew. 

The classrooms and the teachers she started to like more and more, 

However, in the friend’s department, she was still to score. 

Reading and studying most of the time, 

She hardly to anyone said a word,

Soon she became labelled 

As the teacher’s pet and a nerd. 

Things changed when she saw,  

A new face one day. 

An empty seat on the school bus, 

started a friendship that would go a long way. 

Though both were poles apart, 

They were always seen together. 

One the class topper, the other a prankster, 

The friendship truly became for them, an anchor. 

Exchanging notes, studying, gossiping, 

They did it all together. 

Neither realized when the school years passed by, 

And it was time to bid each other a goodbye.

Both had different career goals

Hence had to part ways. 

But they promised to not let 

Distance come in their way. 

Over the years, different time zones 

And busy schedules too, 

Failed to break apart these two. 

Both were now successful and happy in their life and career, 

With one being a doctor and the other, a military engineer. 

The reunion was where they met after a long time, 

All their teachers and ex-classmates 

Were surprised to see their bond still so strong. 

They were admired by everyone for keeping their friendship alive, 

Despite being burdened with responsibilities and busy routines. 

Reminiscing the old days, the conversation 

Soon steered to who was doing what,

The prankster’s achievements surprisingly received

The most compliments and praise.

The prankster then told them all, 

about herself and the nerd

Saying she owed it all to their bond, 

that was special, even though a little absurd. 

The nerd told them how it all began, 

and how life got better by having such a friend. 

Both of them weren’t accepted or liked by many, 

And if the seat next to hers hadn’t been vacant that day, 

Life, for both of them, would have been quite different. 


Note: This poem is an excerpt from my debut book A Rustic Mind

Wish you all a very happy friendship day. This poem is an ode to those angels in our lives who make us believe in ourselves. If not for good friends, none of us would see the best and the worst in the self. We definitely would not see self-growth, if they didn’t encourage or believe in us. So, remember to be grateful for them and to them, today and every day. 

Note: This blog is a part of Blogchatters #halfmarathon

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