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The Ladies Compartment by Parminder Kaur Sharma

Blurb (as on Amazon)

It started like any other day for her. The same train, the same route. Little did she know, today her train would be taking her on an unforgettable journey.

Five thrilling stories of love, betrayal, and deception, inspired by true events.

Vaidehi, Tarini, Bhavya, Ramaa and Bhaumi, all had one thing in common. They did not know to give up, to lose hope despite being stuck in the maze of lies and betrayal.

Would they be able to uncover the hidden truth and find their true purpose, their true identity?

Would they be able to break the so-called norms and stand against society and their own families?

Order now to hop into The Ladies Compartment, to witness the extraordinary tales of ordinary women.

Genre: Fiction/Short Stories

Pages: 91

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 189 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 299 INR/$6.50

My Ratings: 4.6/5

A girl commuting on the Delhi Metro has an interesting encounter one day. She learns about her cocommuters. These women who travel with her almost everyday, seem to be ordinary, but their lifestories are nothing short of inspiring. Meet Vaidehi, Tarini, Bhavya, Ramaa and Bhaumi, who all narrate their unique struggles and how they overcame them.

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What I liked about the book:
-> With an unusual plotline this book brings forth stories of hope from ordinary humans, like you and me that strike a chord with us because of their relatability.
-> Each of the stories is heart-warming and inspiring and the best part about them is that they don’t come off as a grand show on feminism. Rather, it speaks for countless women, like you and me, who sometimes forget to cheer for themselves.
-> The dry sense of humor, especially in Vaidehi. I loved how her character points out the fakeness in the society.
-> Each story/chapter begins with a relevant quote, kind of laying out what to expect from the story and building up excitement in the reader.
-> Through its simple and ordinary stories, the book is a reminder for all the women to applaud themselves for never giving up which is what I liked the most about this book.

What I did not like about the book:
-> I wish we could also know the lead character’s story

Quotable quotes:
-> The moment someone tells you not to panic, the intensity of it rises exponentially.
-> People tend to put on a tough face for the outer world-but inside their pain is oozing out.
->When deprived of something, find a higher purpose.
->If we refer to these gadgets as smart, what would they be referring to us as, dumb humans, maybe?
->We all have a purpose in our lives. All we need to do is follow our inner callings and find it.
-> Our casual questions, answers to which does not even matter to us, can be so disturbing for someone.

->Home is a place where you own yourself, it’s not a mere possession, it’s about ownership.
-> Your identity is not limited to your body. You are unique. You are complete.
->It takes a fraction of a second to change your life. Never challenge destiny. When you say “I would never do”, it will make sure to put you in a situation where you are left with no other choice.
-> My mother played the shot she was best at. She started crying.
->My mother gave her consent without waiting for my father’s response. She had this privilege of acting on his behalf at her ease.

-> Accidents happen. It can happen to anyone. It’s not in our hands. What matters is, how we hold our life and how we move on, after life throws a challenge before us. How we muster the courage to face the world.
-> Sometimes in order to protect our children, we end up making their lives even more difficult.
-> Falling down does not make you a a failure. Not getting up makes you one.
-> It is said that time is the best healer. But it doesn’t heal. Time makes you learn to live with your wound for life.
-> It’s our fault too. We are responsible to some extent that people cheat on us. Because women feel the need for a man to survive.

-> It’s not fair to judge everyone for what one person did. Some people do change, but that’s not important. The important thing is how can we allow deceitful people to exploit us?
-> It’s the attitude of society mostly that makes us feel helpless and incomplete. Hence we fall prey to people who we should not have trusted in the first place.
-> Getting into a new relationship or starting over is not wrong. But just because you need someone in your life in order to survive is sheer foolishness.
-> Do not wait for someone else to take a stand for you. Take the lead. Do it for yourself.
-> It’s high time we start thinking about our own self. It’s not being selfish, it’s being sane.

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