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Aai My Cutiepie by Megha Lunkad

Blurb (as on Amazon)

I hope this book receives safely at your door. Hello Readers, I am Megha Lunkad, Author of Aai My Cutiepie. By the title, I hope you will smile. I am the girl who believes in spreading love and miracle, who gives her best to solve the trouble, who believes in spreading sparkle. The girl who is linked with overthinking. I know many of us will not take a load when it comes to reading a book. But this is the road that will take you ahead and give you a new look. I am glad you choose to read this book. I hope you realize the blessing you overlook. This book connects us, and you can trust this book to give you a surplus. People have a body full of blood. My pen has ink full of words. Happy Reading. Keep loving.

Pages: 65

Genre: Nonfiction/Essay/Family & Relationships

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 49 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback (available only in India) : 149 INR

My Ratings: 3.1/5

Mothers are angels for all children, irrespective of our ages. This book is a reminder of how and why we need to appreciate the many big and small things our mothers do for us.

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:
-> The A to Z full forms of every alphabet and the explanation of how mothers are special.
-> It is a sweet memoir to the author’s mother and in fact both her parents.
-> It makes you nostalgic about your childhood and reminiscence the many cherished memories between you and your mother.
-> The incidents from her own life that the author has used to make her point. These add a personal touch to the book and make the reading relatable.
-> The little exercise/questions at the end of every chapter that makes you ponder about important things in life, especially your family relationships.

What I did not like about the book:
-> The language is too simple and colloquial which the avid readers will find off-putting. A round of editing would surely have made the book more compelling and error-free.
-> It felt more of talk and no show.

Quotable quotes:
-> Best friend is one with whom you don’t need words to explain your feelings. They understand your emotions, the ones with whom you share your darkest secrets and happiest moments.
-> You need to prove yourself by being yourself, not by how the world looks at you.

> Our moms are also daughters. That’s why they understand their daughters better.
-> You do your best, leave the rest, and make sure that your intention is so pure that no one can take away your goodness.
->Never let someone change your smile into tears and never let someone’s opinion give you fear. The one who doubts your identity will never know about your capabilities.
-> Having someone who understands the pain behind your smile is a blessing.
-> Only the person who loves us can understand our mood just by looking at our face.
-> When someone questions your identity, you break down.
-> People will pull you down. It’s in your hands to push them out. Don’t let others make you happy or break you in pieces.
-> To make someone like me, I don’t need to try my true self, be it my best or worst.
-> Don’t let the world see your negatives because they will misuse them.

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