No Home

Photo by Hamza NOUASRIA on Unsplash

Do you ever wonder about books

and their possession?

We claim them to be ours,

but do they ever really belong,

only to us?

They might have passed so many hands,

Before they come to us.

Or get passed from our hands,

To so many who read them after us.

Even after they find a place

In our homes and hearts,

They’re never there to stay.

Someone might pick up and read them,

Anytime and any day.

We might someday lose them,

Or pass them on to someone.

Maybe even lend them to a person,

Who forgets to return.

They not only don’t ever stay in one place,

But they also take the reader to so many places.

Ah! The joy and smiles the pages in books spread,

It’s so amazing that they probably never find a permanent home,

But they make so many who read them,

Feel at home.


Thank you for reading.

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