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Melissa and The Old Crone (The Pendant Chronicles Book 1) by Abhinav Jha

Blurb (as on Amazon)

Who would you choose, friends or family? Many of you might wonder that friends are also a part of family. Yes, but if someone puts this question with a condition that by choosing family, memories of friends will get vanished, what will you decide?

Read this book to know what was Melissa’s decision and how it affected her not-so-perfect life. This is a story of time travelling with a pinch of magic and of course, the essence of friendship.

Genre: Fiction/ Fantasy/ Sci-Fi/Teenage Drama

Pages: 96

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 79 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 3.4/5

On her 15th birthday, Melissa finds out unbelievable things about her dad who has been missing from her life since her birth. After wanting and waiting for so many years to meet and get to know him, she finally has a chance, but will she take that chance when it comes at the cost of losing all her friends?

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What I liked about the book:

  • I loved the inspirational advice given by various characters throughout the book. It was insightful and relatable.
  • The bond between Melissa and her friends Bella, Daniel, and Lucky was very heartwarming, especially that of Melissa and Bella.
  • It leaves behind important messages like:
    a) One should not forget their friends once their purpose is served.
    b) One can’t really change the events of their life.
    c) Focusing on the present is better than regretting over the past or worrying about the future.
  • The plot is unique and the story moved at a fast pace. I liked the imagination of the author.

What I did not like about the book:

  • The character of Melissa was really irritating at times.
  • The writing is very colloquial and riddled with grammatical mistakes. A round or two of editing would have made the story really compelling.

Quotable quotes:

-> Intense emotions shouldn’t serve as an excuse to justify misbehavior. Feeling angry doesn’t give her a right to hit someone, and feelings of sadness don’t have to lead to moping around for hours on end.
-> The one who insults in response to insults is called an illiterate person and it’s not necessary to respond to every stupid act.
-> Learn to forgive people and let go of things that do not have any importance in your life.

-> Even though our paths are connected we have to worry about our destination, not that of others.
-> You cannot help everyone you meet. You must help only those, who have the courage to help themselves. Only help those who deserve your help.
-> Whenever we try not to make any sound, we always end up making much of it.
-> Accept yourself as you are, do not change yourself. Your appearance just matters a little bit. The thing which matters is your warm and humble heart.
-> Friends don’t demand anything in return for their help or favor because there is a principle of friendship, if a friend asks for something, it is not forbidden.
-> We should always do what we want and what we believe is right for us.
-> We cannot leave enjoying our life to the fullest, and we don’t know whether we will get another chance at something. So, you have to enjoy every moment of your life and not ruin it for just any reason.

-> Having a friend who understands your silence more than words is the best gift in this world.
-> Always go with your heart and not with your mind while making important decisions.
-> There is a principle of friendship, once you raise your hand for friendship, you can’t take it back. A friend is always a friend, no matter what happens.
-> You’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth. But the good part is, you get to decide how you are going to mess up. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself. Because if you don’t, then who will?
-> Life’s a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about.
-> You cannot blame anyone for the decisions you make in your life.
-> Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people – the ones who really belong in your life – will come to you and stay forever.
-> We cannot reverse our deeds; we have to deal with the consequences. Our problem is, we always chase the thing which we lack in life but do not respect the ones who are already in our life. So, forget about the past, forget about the future, all we have is now-this very moment. Try to be happy
and share happiness to the people you meet.
-> There are ups and downs in everyone’s life. It’s up to us as to how we are dealing with it and what decisions we make according to the situations.
-> You cannot change your future without experiencing it.
-> For her, dates didn’t matter, what mattered were the memories.
-> Friends are the family we choose. Our friends are a part of our family. If we choose our family, our friends are included in it by default.
-> We should live in our present and enjoy every moment with our loved ones.
-> We either sit around the moments of the past, or plan for the time to come, but life, life passes by. The truth is that neither we can see the future nor can we create it. We can only embrace the future with patience and courage. By doing this, every moment of life will be filled with life.
-> If we should live in present and not think about the future, then we shouldn’t think about the past either.

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