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Fake Posh by Deepti Sharma

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Fake Posh is a short-story collection consisting of four stories. Fake posh. Besides ideal and real, co-breathes our another sense of self of what’s that is practical, profitable and sustainable. Two boys toiling over their dream of having a music band, a union rooted in differences and a wise affair blooming over a dissertation thesis. Three parallel plots mingled with a desert music festival, the story looks subtly into our primal hu-man nature in different forms. Mr-Touch-Me-Not. An MBA student anonymously hosting a late night radio show on weekends is living the life of her dreams. Though she speaks her mind instead of heart on matters of love, her show is a rage among teenagers who come looking for ways to channel their juvenile rebellion or escapes out of toxic relationships. All hell breaks loose as her own preachings turn predatory to her own love life. Standing at crossroads of what she’s always known and what she knows now, does she find a way out? Circus. Circus is about two sisters lounging on sofa discussing the younger one’s bushy eyebrows. The conversation escalates to debating the current stance of social media in our world. This rant lets their lava of disgust and sorrow out, as does their concern for and against people treating Internet as their personal dumpster. With no end and no judge to our acts of virtual vulnerability exposé, their chat draws an analogy between social media and a circus. Stand-up comedian. Forty something Kunal’s world has come crashing down over his new found information. Broken-hearted and inconsolable, he doesn’t know where to go and whom to turn to with all this pain. His enormous sense of loss and the sheer longing to hold on to his daughter remain veiled in his silence behind the cacophony of his souring professional acumen, best friends from college with their moral compasses now hanging just as loose as their bellies, denial, destiny and endless what ifs.

Genre: Fiction/Short Stories

Pages: 123

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 49 INR/$0.99
  • Paperback (available only in India) : 249 INR

My Ratings: 3.5/5

A collection of four short stories (Fake Posh, Mr. Touch-Me-Not, Circus, and Stand-up Comedian) centered around the theme of human hypocrisy and the façade that people put up to mask their ugly selves.

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:
-> Each story has its own charm and simplicity and is beautiful and different.
-> The concerns raised through the stories will inspire the readers to re-think a lot of things, especially their thoughts and actions.
-> The stories revolve around some very contemporary issues. The main theme is the fake façade or mask that people wear to hide the ugly part which lies behind their social media profile especially related to their love and interpersonal relationships.
-> The author has poignantly highlighted the thought process of the youth and how easy it is for them to fall in love, get out of it, patch up, bring out their anger, frustration, accept and become practical in life. These short stories are just fictional pieces but rather a true version of how we have changed our persona towards life. They are interesting and impactful.

What I did not like about the book:
-> The story Fake Posh, had too many characters and a very little description about them. It was both confusing as well a little disappointing.
-> The story Circus, is way too problematic in its opinions which come across as hypocritical and anti-feminist.
-> The cover is too basic for my liking. I especially found it less appealing because it just doesn’t justify the content or the theme of any of the four stories.

Quotable quotes:
-> What is life if not a series of affixes? Things come finding and leaving us all the time; their bold imprints left behind.
->You need talent to be successful, not money.
->If you don’t plan your life now, life will make plans for you.
-> The stupid love stories they show in movies have spoiled the entire generation’s mind. Compromising with your self-worth is not love. All of this ‘love conquers all’, ‘it’s all about love’, ‘you only find true love once’ feeds shit to the young minds. To hell with love if you can’t respect an individual.

-> You need to understand one thing very well in life: overthinking never solves any problems.
->If we need ten things in life, life will make sure we only get nine. Nobody gets everything, so don’t be upset about it. Give your best and just see what happens.
-> They say getting back with your ex is like putting the poop back in your ass.
-> Such is life. It never gives us the slightest hint of self-doubt.
->Nobody cares how rich you are if you are not happy.

->Life is too complicated to lose out on simple stuff.
-> Every individual has the right to post whatever they want. You shouldn’t be so judgmental of it.
-> Life surprises us in the most unexpected ways. With every birthday every year, we meet some people and learn some experiences. Like, you know, once you are in your late twenties, you start comparing your life with the dreams you once saw. But, not everyone is amused that they have changed so much. In fact, most of us aren’t. But this change is so subtle that we don’t even realize it.
-> That’s how subtly changes enter our lives. When we are busy relishing the constancy of it. Just then.
-> A major reason why people fall out of love is when their hopes are killed. The little moments when you don’t keep your promises, when you lie about your actions and break the other person’s trust, you actually kill their hope of happiness. When a couple loses that hope between them, time and again, the love fades away automatically.
-> How much can you fight for love? How much can you bear the absence of effort in a relationship? When the other person doesn’t care about your feelings, you develop a weird hatred for them. But how much can you hate a person you love?
-> Dreams fade away when life happens. That one thing that you have been dreaming all your whole life, slips out of your hands and you just stand there, watch it going, helplessly.
-> Life can be unpredictable, and we should always be prepared for the worst.
-> We all plan out life throughout, but how many times life turns out the way we wanted? Is there even a single person on Earth whose life turned out the way they wanted? Of course not.
-> Life will always surprise us in the most unexpected ways. And we should hold on to what we love; things as well as people.

-> Life is definitely going to bring its own waves and it’s never good or bad, but all about how well you manage it.
-> The second half of life is an exact replica of your karma in the first half.
-> Life will do what it has got to do. You do what you WANT to do. Don’t stop after two jumps!
->If we all know that life is not going to turn out our way, then should we stop dreaming? No, that would take away the charm of life. If you are ashamed of your past, then you haven’t relished your journey. Enjoy the journey, destinations are overrated!
-> Friendship is more important than money.
-> Don’t talk money, if you don’t pay your bills.

-> No relationship works without money.
-> It’s not a particular moment when we realise we are sad. Or that we are lonely. It’s a constant fight with our consciousness and memories, brain and heart; a series of negative thoughts within ourselves that breaks the hope of a better future. When people lose hope, they lose the battle. It’s the worst thing you can do to a person. All those who are on the giving end consider themselves equal to God of their own small world, are unaware of what’s coming for them. Those people who made you go through this will never find peace in their life. They will not have a sound sleep. They have ruined their future. They will crave for the warmth of true love. And karma will take care of everything. So, flush the negativity out of your lives.

-> If you can believe in something, you can do it.
-> It’s never about the time but about the right person. If age defined love, nobody would get divorced in their forties.
-> Is love enough to ignore everything else? Does love really change people? Do people even change? But what life is if not a series of endless but-ifs!

> A smile lingered over his lips and he thanked God for there was this one person who made him feel so weak in his knees. Wait, too old. Made his heart skip a beat. Yeah, that’s how people say it these days.
-> Men don’t have guts to leave their friends even if they know they are psychopaths. We define friendship by the number of beer bottles we gulp down together, not by being there when we need a friend the most. We call a guy ‘impotent’ if he doesn’t abuse, drink, smoke or sleep around. And because of this pressure of being a MAN, we become a victim of a false immoral life with emotional emptiness and fake masculinity that doesn’t make us guilty of breaking someone’s trust.

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