The Glue That Holds Us Together

A family photograph of myself, my parents, and my brother (2014)

I don’t have the right words and lines to write for you,
Because whatever I say won’t be enough whether old or new.
More than a mother you’re a friend, an advisor, and a supporter true,
But above all that you’re a teacher, I turn to for asking questions, many or few.
I know not many share such a relationship with their moms,
That’s why I cherish so much this special bond.

We gossip, we laugh, and even disagree and argue,
But that doesn’t belittle the respect I have for you.
Let me take this moment to thank you for the million things big and small,
That you’ve done and continue to do for me and for us all.

You are the biggest source of energy and entertainment,
You make our lives better, livelier, and full of contentment.


Thank you for reading.

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