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Adulting as An Introvert

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

My preteen and teenage years were difficult and confusing, especially in school, and sometimes at home too. Being an introvert meant that I kept to myself and my books most of the time.

For most parents, this would be worrisome. Especially in the 90s when parents weren’t that tech-savvy and relied largely on the verbal opinion of their peers. But nothing of the sort happened with me. You know why?

Because, my mom was, for lack of a better word, ‘cool’.

My father would worry and put pressure on me at times; to engage or to be more like kids my age. But my mom would understand that I needed my space and stop my father from pressurizing me.

This made me trust her right from a young age.

I began to understand that my mom’s approval meant what I was doing was right, even if a little different.

From forcing my father to enroll us (me and my brother) into an English Medium school to making him understand that both his children were different, not just in gender but in personality as well. From convincing him to let us go out of the comfort of our homes for further studies and later for work, to being available if we ever wanted a shoulder to cry or an ear that would listen, my mom made us feel ‘at home’, wherever and whenever she was with us, be it in-person or virtually.

As a child and teenager, she was a guide for me; today she is way beyond that and I’m proud to say (unlike most people my age) that my mom is one of my closest friends.

Our opinions are very different but that’s because she helped me become my own person. When people ask me where I get my strong sense of individuality from, I proudly say that it’s because my mother trusted me, even when the world didn’t.

From being my mother, to being my friend, this journey with her, has been an amazing one!

I hope someday to be like her, so full-of-life, innocent, and always choosing to see the good in people.


Thank you for reading.

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