I’m Not Being Dishonest

Photo by Kat Snowden on Unsplash

They asked for my honest opinion,

So whose fault is it really?

When I replied, “You can do better.”

There was shuddering, and some gasps.

Looks were exchanged, clearly voicing out, “Tone down the criticism, girl.”

But shouldn’t I be given just a little credit?

When they did indeed do, not just better,

But ended up being one of the best.

Yes, it’s true, and even I believe,

That honesty is sometimes overrated.

But to tell you the truth,

If I’m not being dishonest with you,

I really care for you.

So, take it with a pinch of salt,

When your loved ones say, “This won’t work.”

Because, really, the message is pretty clear,

They won’t let you settle at being mediocre,

When you’re clearly meant to be exceptional.


Thank you for reading.

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