Hello, Old Friend

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

We haven’t properly met,

Since that time I managed to speak about myself through trembling speech and body, in front of my batchmates.

You do show up every now and then,

Like yesterday when someone asked me, “Do you consider yourself successful?”

And I hesitated just a bit before going on to explain what success means to me.

Or that day a few months ago,

When someone said, “I don’t believe people are paying you for this!”

And I felt a blow to my ego but quickly recovered as I reminded myself that one person’s opinion didn’t matter.

I also faintly recall,

You popping up in between my deadlines and ongoing tasks, making me doubt if I’ll be able to deliver.

But I’m too focused and stubborn now, to let you deter me from my goal.

Do I miss you?

No, because you’re still very much there.

We have been friends for too long,

My dear Mr. Anxiety.

But it has been a while for sure!

Because you are in me and a part of me.

However, your nemesis, Mr. Self-confidence,

Is doing just a tad better lately.


Thank you for reading.

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