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Day Turns Dark by Sunil Sihag

Blurb (as on Amazon)

Day Turns Dark starts off as a sweet romance between two young souls who dream of a future together on the pillars of whimsical ambitions.

Day Turns Dark is a story about young love, stolen dreams, of moralities and sacrifices. Anyone who comes across, Nitin with his curly hair and winning smile, is bowled over by his simplistic charm and lofty ideals. It’s no wonder that he is surrounded by fiercely faithful friends and manages to win the heart of the prettiest girl in school, Harleen.

Innocent love blooms through dusty summers, fragrant rains and frigid, frosty winters till a tragic loss spirals Nitin into depths of self-loathing that destroys everything he holds dear in his path. When he finally recovers from his mental trauma, he realises much to his horror that he has not only lost the girl he loved but also wronged his loyal friend and put an innocent soul through the torturous scrutiny of societal morality.

Adamant of doing right by Mansi, the girl he unknowingly wounded, Nitin tries his best to turn both their lives around. When Harleen re-enters his life, he is torn between his past and his need to right a wrong.

Day Turns Dark leaves you with a vital question; hearts are meant to be broken but can they forge new relationships?

Genre: Fiction/ Contemporary Romance

Pages: 227 pages

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 60 INR/
  • Paperback (available only in India): 199 INR

My ratings: 3.7/5

Nitin, Ronak, and Ashish are classmates and best friends in school. Nitin is the all-rounder, being a topper in class and good at sports as well. This changes when he finds himself a competitor, in the academics departments in the form of a new student, Harleen. Though Nitin tries to avoid her despite her multiple attempts at befriending him he slowly starts developing feelings beyond friendship for her. Will these feelings of love or infatuation survive through their teenage and into adulthood though?

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:
-> The character growth and coming-of-age of each of the characters, especially in Nitin.
-> Nitin’s ingenious ideas about elections campaigns, from distribution of vegetables to organ donation.
-> Nitin’s relationship with his grandparents, especially his grandmother, is quite endearing.
-> The analogies about the emotional turmoil of the characters are funny and apt. These not only help us understand the characters better but also make the story more authentic.
( For instance:
a. The soft look that had been there moments ago was gone as rapidly as a politician who disappears after winning an election.
b. Nitin spoke like a hopeless pilot whose snag-ridden aircraft is going to crash.
c. Nitin chased after grandma into the kitchen like ants chase each other.
->The story has an interesting mix of characters who are simultaneously likable as well as evoke emotions of dislike. They are grounded in reality but each of them is flawed. They aren’t perfect and that’s commendable. Each character has their strengths and weaknesses and the author never makes an attempt to raise them above their own limitations.
-> The accident scene of Nitin and Radhey Bhai is truly gut-wrenching.
-> The descriptions of scenes and emotions are well narrated and help paint a clear picture in the reader’s mind. I would love to see this story come alive on the big screen or a small one as a movie or web series.
-> Nitin’s feelings of guilt and regret evoke empathy and easily make us reflect upon our own actions.
-> The way the events of past and present are interspersed and come together to fit so well.
-> The ending is tragic and a tear-jerker for sure.

What I did not like about the book:
-> There is an underlying message coming across that women/girls need to be (happily) married or their lives are destroyed. I don’t understand why Mansi needs a husband or a lover when she seems to be doing pretty well as a doctor.
-> The story is written in the first-person narrative through Ronak’s PoV. However, he seems to know exact feelings and occurrences even in the scenes when he is not around. This felt problematic especially in the romantic scenes between Nitin and Harleen.
-> A backstory about who Radhey bhai is and how he became such an important part of the boy’s lives (especially Nitin’s) would have made the overall story more impactful.
-> Nitin’s feelings towards Mansi and Harleen come off as flaky. Whom does he really love and how can he suddenly develop feelings for Mansi without knowing much about her?
-> Ronak’s feelings of attraction towards Harleeen, despite knowing that she is his best friend’s girlfriend.
-> The writing needs a round or two of editing and fine-tuning.

Quotable quotes:
-> Faults are on neither side but the situation is.
-> One day everyone has to die.
-> A lot of things happen for the first time in a person’s life.
-> You cannot change what you did, but we can find a solution.
-> There’s more politics in sports than in politics itself.

-> Sometimes a lie is better than the truth.
-> Even with limited resources, an idea can strike a chord.
-> Just as in everything is fair in love and war, so it is in elections. Eventually, the result is the only thing that matters.

> The truth must prevail, whatever the consequences, even the deadly ones.
->Sometimes people spread rumors and exaggerate things just to malign the image of the girl. Bold girls are often labeled because they don’t conform to the rules of society.
-> Just scoring good marks does not make one wise.

> Overthinking is like sugar. It doesn’t add flavor beyond a limit but spoils the taste.
->Learn to live in the present rather than live in the past. Your love for those you care about isn’t measured by any gift that you can gift them. it’s a bond that can never be broken.
-> Life is a waste without love.

> Life is not rosy like love. It is all a waste without ambition, career, and success.
-> The right kind of marketing makes everything celestial. Even shit becomes holy shit through word of mouth and publicity.
-> Promises become opposite to actions nowadays.

-> Our single decision can have many consequences on someone’s life.
-> A man’s good deeds must be appreciated even if he is a bastard.
-> If your life is gloomy it doesn’t mean you should make someone else suffer.
-> It’s better not to forget your surroundings that always strengthen you.

-> You cannot make everyone happy.
-> All bad things must come to end before they become worse.
-> Speak the truth whenever you are confronted by confusion.

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