Time For a Change


it took time to grow my hair that long.


I’m gonna miss it.


it wasn’t easy to let go of the lustrous and voluminous beauty they lent to my overall look and personality.


I took the plunge.


it was time for a change.


the more I look at myself, the better I’m feeling about my new look.


I’ve grown enough to know that it doesn’t matter how beautiful I look externally as long as I’m not beautiful from the inside.

I got a haircut after 25 months. Before chopping off a significant length, it took me a lot of time to build up the courage to let go of something I’m extremely proud of. I knew my hair was getting difficult to manage because of its length and volume. So, two weeks back, right before my 33rd birthday, I decided it was time. You can see the result in the photos above.

I shared my experience of undergoing this change through some self-love. Because, I feel that I deserve it. And, so do you. So, why not write a poem about any recent change you have experienced in your life and how it helped you?

If ever in doubt or having a bad day, you can look back at it to draw some inspiration and feel good about yourself.

Do give it a try and don’t forget to share your piece with me.


Thank you for reading.

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