My Name (Acrostic Poetry)

Making money by following my passion for reading and writing.

Always curious to know more, learn and grow.

Never shying away from helping someone who asks for it.

An admirer of nature and all that it has to offer.

Language and literature lover.

In this world to try and make it better in my own way.

Doer later, planner first.

Energized by people, their stories, and achievements

Silent when in turmoil and even when relaxing.

An advocate of self-love

In a constant quest to explore people and places.


An Acrostic Poem is using every first letter of a sentence or word that represents the next letter of the sentence or word. With this poem I have chosen my own name, to see how far I come to describe myself through an Acrostic Poem. Who am I actually? Do I really know myself? Is this correct how others see me?

You can try doing this fun poetry too. Please remember to use your own first name and last name.

Thank you for reading.

How to contact me:

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